England: Past Videos – Gorillas On The Streets of London. Fundraising For Endangered Primates.


London – Sadly the Coronavirus has put a halt to the massive fundraising ‘Gorilla Run’ which takes place in London each year to raise big funds for the protection of our close and very endangered cousins – the Gorillas.

Fingers crossed that this fantastic fundraising event will soon be back on the streets of ol’ London town.

Here is a video of one of the recent fundraisers – Enjoy !

Regards Mark


don’t be a slave owner


No reason gives you the right to put them in cages and to claim that you do it for love.
No animal in the world is happy in prison.
It is stupid, cruel, unethical to keep animals as slaves.

Despise animal suffering in every form and don’t become a slave owner.

Regards and good night from Venus


Ferdinand: the bull who wanted to live.

Happy ending: Bull Ferdinand in safety, a dramatic escape comes to a happy end.

Ferdinand, the eleven-month-old Charolais bull, was taken to a butcher for slaughter on March 30th. Here he managed to escape from the killing box and hid in the forest, near Passau, Bavaria.

He was really disappeared! An execution was imminent.

Employees from the “Erdlingshof” (a sanctuary for “useful” animals) bought the animal and started a two-week fishing campaign with two bait cattle.

The animal rights activists pursued the bull until it finally gave up and could be loaded onto a trailer.

Ferdinand is now housed on the “Erdlingshof”.

According to Johannes Jung from the “Erdlingshof” sanctuary, the catching group was under great pressure. “The community gave us an ultimatum and threatened to shoot the 300 kg bull if we hadn’t caught it by tomorrow (April 16). It was said that it was a danger to traffic.  We saw it differently, but then we started looking for him more. “

With success: The catching team discovered the young bull on the evening of April 16 and shot it with a stunning gun. Ferdinand is now housed on the “Erdlingshof”, he has already found a new friend named Ben!


Ferdinand (right)  and his new frend Ben- Image “Erdlingshof”


❤ Ferdinand! look how he lives now ❤


He used to be terrified of people. Nevertheless, he has gained so much trust that it is almost too good to be true.




And I mean…A wrong-way driver is also dangerous for traffic.
If someone drives his car in the wrong direction on the highway, the police also issue an ultimatum, and will he be shot if he exceeds this ultimatum?
No! because he belongs to the human species and has rights.

For Ferdinand, there would have been no mercy, his execution was certain, although he was still no danger to anyone.
That is the morality of the ruling species.

According to our morality, Ferdinand received no mercy.
He has acquired a right that belongs to him, the right to life. Wich belongs to all animals!

We are very happy and grateful that the animal rights activists of the “Erdlinghof” see it exactly the same way.


My best regards to all, Venus

USA: 4 Georgia poultry workers dead from coronavirus, company says.




4 Georgia poultry workers dead from coronavirus, company says

American workers who process the nation’s meat have proven especially susceptible to the new virus, as they work shoulder-to-shoulder on production lines.

By The Associated Press

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Four employees of a major poultry producer’s operations in rural southwest Georgia have died after becoming infected with the coronavirus, a company spokesman said Friday.

Tyson Foods spokesman Gary Mickelson said three of the employees worked at the company’s chicken processing plant in Camilla, while the fourth person worked in a supporting job outside the plant. He declined to say how many workers there have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new virus.

American workers who process the nation’s meat have proven especially susceptible to the new virus, as they work shoulder-to-shoulder on production lines. Several U.S. plants have closed because of outbreaks, including a large plant owned by Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that produced roughly 5% of U.S. pork before it was shut down after more than 500 workers became infected.

Mickelson said two other Tyson Foods workers have died from the virus at its plant in Columbus Junction, Iowa.

“We realize everyone is anxious during this challenging time and believe information is the best tool for combating the virus,” Hector Gonzalez, Tyson’s senior vice president for human resources, said in a statement. “That’s why we’re encouraging our team members to share their concerns with us, so we can help address them.”

Gonzalez said the company has improved safety measures at the Camilla plant by checking employees’ temperatures, requiring workers to wear face coverings, installing dividers at work stations and providing more space in break rooms. He said the company in March had “relaxed our attendance policy to encourage workers to stay at home when they’re sick.”

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which represents 2,000 workers at the Georgia chicken plant, identified the three plant employees who died as women who had worked there for 13 to 35 years. A statement from the union said many plant employees are “sick or in quarantine.”

“It’s too little too late here,” Edgar Fields, president of the union’s Southeast Council, said in a statement Friday.

In Georgia’s rural southwest corner, where the Camilla plant is located, the rate of coronavirus infections and deaths have outpaced far more densely populated regions of the state. The union said many plant employees live in neighboring Dougherty County, which leads Georgia with 88 coronavirus deaths.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms that usually clear up within weeks. For some, it can cause severe illness and be life-threatening.

The union has called on poultry processors to require employees to quarantine themselves for 14 days, and pay them sick leave, when they’re exposed to co-workers testing positive for the virus. It also wants individual departments to be shut down for 72 hours and cleaned after a worker tests positive.

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported Thursday evening that 617 deaths statewide have been linked to the virus. Infections have been confirmed in more than 16,300 people. About 20% of them were hospitalized.


the free choice



Their mothers do not give milk voluntarily, they do not become pregnant voluntarily.
They do not separate from their children voluntarily .

The milk mafia determines this painful process; wich forcibly removes the male children and the female childrenwill soon experience the same fate of the mother.

The male children cry out for the mother, the mother cannot do anything.
The milk that was for their child is given to human animals that do not need it and are also harmful to them.

Until next year.

Then a new child comes involuntarily, which the mother cannot breastfeed, lick and cannot accompany in her new life.

And then the meat eaters talk about free choice in their food.

Many who read the news about children’s suffering in the meat and dairy industries are outraged and even sad, asking why the animal rights organizations can do nothing about it, why the undercover videos, why the animal rights activists allow such crimes happen to animals every day.

And many of them have their fridge full of meat, chicken breast and legs of lamb.
Many eat “a little” meat, buy eggs from the “farmer next door” and their beef is “organic”.


THESE are the producers of crimes in the meat industry.

THESE help the fascist system of exploitation, slavery of millions of animal children.

THESE are the second-hand killers of male animals and their mothers, who are brutally slaughtered when they no longer produce milk for the perpetrators.

This system is maintained by a PERPETRATOR society.

And as long as that is the case, as long as no one changes their habits, this system will stay alive, and will continue to manipulate billions of useful idiots for its own profit, with the illusion of free choice!


My best regards to all, Venus