Friday 24/4/20 Will Be World Day for Laboratory Animals. 


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Corona measures work

Thailand: Rare turtle babies hatch in record numbers thanks to corona measures.

There haven’t been that many in over 20 years.


According to media, in Thailand the curfew should continue for a while.

Perhaps we should consider not only extending the ban on human animals, but also protecting the animal-friendly virus.

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Earth Day – April 22, 2020


We are guests on this planet, not its masters.


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Australia`s racing and a suspicious petition

A “Silent Animal Welfare Tsunami” Could Be Coming for Australia’s Horses!


The sport of horse racing is the epitome of cruelty. Constantly injured, horses are forced to race on half-treated wounds as handlers slash recovery times in order to squeeze every last penny out of the poor animals.

Many are pumped full of painkillers to keep them going through otherwise insurmountable pain and exhaustion.


When, inevitably, their bodies give up, their racing potential completely depleted, the horses are mercilessly euthanized. After all, the mindset goes, if they aren’t making humans any money, why keep them alive?

So, the news that Australia’s island state of Tasmania has banned all animal racing during the coronavirus pandemic should be cause for celebration. Well, not quite.

Sign on to demand that Racing Australia, the leading horse racing industry authority in Australia, ensure that all horses forced into temporary retirement due to the racing ban be protected, cared for, and kept alive!


Tasmania temporarily outlawed horse racing in the face of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The virus is known to spread easily and rapidly in large gatherings of people, a fact that put horse racing and the huge crowds it draws on the chopping block.

Many believe that it is only a matter of time before the entire country of Australia bans the sport for the duration of the pandemic. But unfortunately, that does not mean the out-of-work racing horses will get a vacation.

Australia’s racing industry does not exactly have a clean record when it comes to how it treats its retired horses.

Last year, a racing company in Victoria came under fire when footage surfaced of race horses being shipped to slaughterhouses — a direct violation of Racing Australia’s Rules of Racing.


With an impending ban on racing in the entire country, some 20,000 horses’ lives are at risk. The industry that decides their fate has tunnel vision when it comes to profit.

What can we guess they will do when faced with caring for tens of thousands of horses, with their income temporarily suspended? If it were up to them, surely the slaughterhouses would fill up.

They must be held accountable for keeping these horses safe, happy, and healthy for the duration of this pandemic!

Please, help us protect these beautiful animals. Sign the petition today and let Racing Australia know they MUST prepare a plan to keep all racing horses alive while the sport is on hiatus!

My comment: I have long considered whether or not to post this petition.

Because the first question that arises is: Would the racehorse’s mafia deliberately destroy something worth $ 50,000 or more?
NO! They will not deliberately eliminate the horses.

Losing a good racehorse is a much greater loss for the company than the loss due to the cost of living for a horse during this 4 or 6 month break.

And the second thought was: The petition is trying to gain sympathy, but for the horse racing industry.

80,000 Signers require Racing Australia to keep their horses safe, happy and healthy during the corona.

This means indirectly that they would not mind that this criminal event, for which the animals often pay with their lives, can be preserved in the future. And once Corona is over, should these “safe”, “huppy” and “helth” animals continue to be abused and tortured to death?

Racehorses are not safe, not happy and certainly not healthy. Nowhere in the world, with or without corona.

Corona has us on its violence and all murderers, fraudsters, animal abusers from the animal industry (no matter of what kind), try to get compensation because they are currently not allowed to torture, exploit or abuse animals.

A few days ago I reported on the upcoming carnage in the zoo. The zoo owners in Germany are demanding donations from the population. (

I wouldn’t be surprised if Australia’s races after 80,000 signatures asked for support from the Australian government.