Tchibo bans alpaca wool from its range – Super!

Germany, Stuttgart, November 30, 2020 –

After PETA published an undercover disclosure about the alpaca industry at the end of May, Tchibo, Columbia Sportswear, and the Ascena Retail Group have now announced, after talks with PETA and their international partner organizations, that they will discontinue the animal quality product.

PETA USA’s research on Mallkini, the world’s largest privately-owned Peruvian alpaca farm, revealed workers holding desperate screaming alpacas by the ears while roughly shaving the animals.
The material shows some alpacas spitting in fear.

Workers smashed the animals, some of them pregnant, onto tables and fixed them in devices that looked like the Middle Ages – pulling them so hard that their legs almost dislocated.

“We are very pleased that Tchibo has decided this year not to use alpaca wool in the future. Many alpacas are spared the agony of wool production and slaughter, ” says Frank Schmidt, Head of Corporate Affairs at PETA Germany.
“We appeal to all fashion and textile companies to follow this groundbreaking example and, for the sake of animals and the environment, to discontinue alpaca wool and to switch to vegan, sustainable fibers.”

The Ascena Retail Group will no longer use alpaca wool from the winter season of 2021.
Columbia Sportswear also announced in October after talks with PETA USA that it would no longer buy alpaca wool.

The fashion giants Uniqlo, Esprit, Tom Tailor, Valentino, and Marks & Spencer had previously decided to phase out the use of the material.

Gap Inc and the H&M Group with its eight brands have also already broken off all business relationships with Mallkini’s parent company – the Michell Group.
PETA points out that the production of alpaca wool causes extreme animal suffering and is also harmful to the environment.

In the “Higg Materials Sustainability Index”, alpaca wool is the second most harmful material for the environment, just behind the silk.

Alpaca wool is six times as harmful as polyester and more than four times as harmful as modal, viscose, rayon, lyocell, and other vegan materials.

PETA’s motto is in part: Animals are not there to be attracted to them or to be exploited in any other way. The organization works against speciesism – a worldview that classifies humans as superior to all other living beings.

And I mean…Do you remember our report on the cruel production of alpaca in Mallkini, the world’s largest privately-owned alpaca farm, near Muñani, Peru?

The same video showed the horror conditions in the alpaca farms in Peru.

Perhaps we will soon no longer have to post this video, the list of companies that refrain from this product- and consequently from this cruelty to animals- is getting longer with every year.

We are very happy about it!

If the consumer can no longer find alpaca, fur, or leather in shops, then he’ll just buy something without animal suffering.
It’s that simple!

My best regards to all, Venus


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