India: New Ambulance; and Latest Animal Saving Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

India: Latest Amazing Healing Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. Please Donate if You Can. – World Animals Voice

Dear Mark,

Introducing our brand new Large Animal Ambulance equipped with a hydraulic lift!

We sometimes find that bandaging a wound is the easier part of treatment. Often, what’s most difficult is moving the injured angel from the street to our hospital,especially when they are a 400 pound bull with a fracture.

We’ve been so lucky that our staff have had the strength and ability to work together in lifting really heavy animals even without an automatic lift. But it is amazing to lighten all their loads and most of all it makes rescue safer and stress-free for all.

Happiest thank you to the wonderful donors who made this possible!

Watch what happened when Penelope’s fractured pelvis healed!

The blood on her face was what alarmed our rescue team. But that wasn’t this beautiful girl’s worst problem.

Hit by a passing vehicle, Penelopehad alsosustained a fracture to her pelvis.Her facial laceration, although it caused a permanent droop to her eye, healed within just a few weeks. But her pelvis injury required 6 weeks of bed rest in order to heal.

Restricting her movement was necessary for healing, but boy was she glad when she was able to run again for the first time.Watch thisgorgeous wobbly whirlwind take the world by storm! 

Healing is beautiful. Please donate.

Jason’s fear melted when bandages eased his pain.

Jason’s wound was massive. All the skin of his front forelimb was pulled off when a vehicle tire caught the skin in its tread. His pain was hard to imagine, and we watched his face stilled with worry when we gently flushed his wound. But this little wonder-boy’s fear melted as soon as his wound was bandaged.

Rescuing him was so important. Because the world without Jason would be a little less beautiful.

For Someone “out there,” tomorrow will come because of you. Please donate


Cutest dog with no toes on one foot in India!

(6) Watch | Facebook

Delightful Jakeis a perfect family dog. He’sloving, playful, intelligent and friendly. A Labrador who was abandoned by his previous owners – possibly because of an old injury that has left him missing the toes on his hind leg. To his old owners he might have been less than perfect but we couldn’t disagree more!

Jake’s favourite thing to do is play – he carries his beloved bone toy over to every person who enters his area in the hope that they will engage in a game of tug-o-war, or even better, fetch! His damaged foot doesn’t slow him down at all. He’s a “people person” who also loves other dogs, and if you’re lucky enough to adopt him, your whole family will have an angel guarding your hearts for the rest of your lives.

Click here to adopt many 4 leggers at AAU:

Adopt | Adopt a resuced animal in India | Animal Aid Unlimited

 Regards Mark

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