Direct Action Everywhere – Let Dairy Die

BREAKING: A new investigation and rescue exposes extreme abuse of newborn calves at a Wisconsin Land O’Lakes dairy farm #LetDairyDie


My comment: I don’t know what the US Animal Welfare Act says, but here the law says that anyone who tortures an animal or kills it for no good reason can be punished with up to three years imprisonment under the Animal Welfare Act.

But this penalty is practically never imposed for animal welfare violations in factory farming.
Often times there is not even a charge.

What takes place in the Wisconsin Farm is not uncommon here in Germany and in Europe in general.

The same, if not worse, scandals in German slaughterhouses are increasing every day.
Thanks to the animal rights activists’ undercover investigations, we know it.
The politicians know it too.

But we have criminal politicians who are the closest and best friends of the meat and milk mafia, with personal economic interests in the cause.

These illegal crimes against animals lead us every day more and more to the assumption that we are ruled by scammers, exploiters, and professional animal abusers.

In the name of the animals, we thank and support the group DxE.

My best regards to all, Venus


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