Australia: Governments Cannot Be Counted On To End The Misery – Make Him Fly ! – Watch the Video Here.

The fact is that governments cannot be counted on to end the misery; we will have to rely on people power; count us in.

Mark, this is what animals in factory farms would dream of:

It’s now 12 days since we launched our new television campaign on behalf of farmed animals, and we’re thrilled with the response from people of all ages and from all walks of life:

I can’t tell you how much it means to read those words, Mark. If you haven’t yet experienced the ad,

you can watch it here:

Thanks to the magnificent support of Animals Australia donors, we’ve brought this message of kindness and hope to prime time TV, and it’s sparking meaningful conversations in living rooms and around dining tables across the country.

Many of the calls, emails and comments our team has been so touched to receive are highlighting the value of seeing these animals just before Christmas: a time when pigs, turkeys and other ‘food’ animals suffer so greatly in factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Thankfully, awareness is growing that the ‘traditions’ advertisers and animal industries encourage us to uphold have led to a tragic outcome — Christmas becoming one of the two peak times of animal suffering in the world each year (the other is the Festival of Sacrifice).

At a time that people are bombarded with advertising that reduces these animals to products and ‘roasts’, we knew we needed to give them a living presence on television and remind people that they too are beings with beating hearts.

Our powerful ‘Somewhere’ television commercial is so beautifully achieving this. It is evoking an all-important emotional connection with these unique and precious animals and within that a desire to create a new family tradition is born — one based on kindness, care and compassion for all beings.

Mark, showing what animals in factory farms endure presented us with a great challenge; with the ever-present risk of factory farm vision being knocked back by the broadcasting authority for being “too graphic” or people changing the channel because they “don’t want to know”. That is why the magical needs to be entwined with the sad reality that these animals face: to ensure people could and would watch, while empowering their hearts to have an all-important say.

The strategy is working. Hearts are opening and responding. People are realising just how greatly governments have failed these animals and are seeking out the numerous ‘plant-based’ alternatives that now exist, knowing that within them lies the key to freeing these animals from suffering.

Getting ‘Somewhere’ on prime time was our first challenge; allowing it to have a transformational presence in 2021 is an even greater one.

Help him fly !

Donate to keep this ad on TV (

We know that this little pig has the potential to change the future for so many of those like him. Every time he’s seen or heard, he’s doing so on behalf of every animal locked away from view and denied a voice.

Mark, inspiring a new tradition of kindness and heart-based living has to start ‘Somewhere’… 🙂 How wonderful it would be if it can start with us. I so hope you will join us on this journey.
My warmest wishes to you and your family for a kind, peaceful and joyful festive season.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM
Director of Strategy

P.S. You might be wondering how farmed animals like our little flying pig can be subjected to routine cruelty when we are supposed to have laws to protect animals in Australia. I know I was shocked when I discovered this was the case. Here are answers to questions that you might have about this and our ‘Somewhere’ campaign.

P.P.S. If this little piglet has inspired you and your family to think differently this holiday season, you might enjoy this useful list of delicious plant-based festive foods we’ve put together.

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