Torture breeding: the racial madness in dogs and cats

Eyes so big and cute that they fall out of the animals’ heads when they jump off the sofa, joint problems, organ malformations, and difficulty breathing: dealers make a lot of money with so-called torture breeding.

These people do not care that the animals, which are bred to death in the truest sense of the word, suffer from massive health problems that only get worse from generation to generation.

They are fully absorbed in the racial madness. That’s why the torture breeding business is so terrible.


What is currently “in” is bred
Many people buy pets of certain breeds because they hope for specific characteristics or because a breed is currently in fashion.
“Fashion dogs” such as bulldogs or pugs often have problems getting enough air because of their shortened noses. In summer they often pass out.
There are cats whose legs are briefly bred so that they can no longer keep their balance and certainly no longer jump. As funny as it may look on Instagram, it’s a disaster for the animals.

Animals are seen as goods that have to be “optimized”

As long as people buy animals based on characteristics such as coat color, face, nose, or leg shape, they support and encourage torture for animals. Many breeders then produce their goods – because that’s exactly how they often see the animals – in response to precisely this demand.

Often this happens through inbreeding, whereby not only optical properties but also bad diseases are passed on.

Adopt instead of buying!

If such “fashionable animals” do not meet the expectations or if their humans can no longer hold them, for example, because the vital operations would be too expensive, the living beings end up in the animal shelter.

In German animal shelters alone, 350,000 animals wait for a loving home every year.

There are so many different dogs, cats, and other animals waiting for a new home that everyone can find the right animal companion for themselves.

For every animal that you buy from the breeder, another one remains in the shelter.

This does not only apply to for-profit large breeders, online traders, and pet stores, but also to small breeders.

Anyone who likes animals should therefore not go to the breeder, but adopt one from the animal shelter.

And I mean…Never buy breeding animals.
Never support breeders, with this you pay animal abusers.
Never give animals as gifts for Christmas, neither to children nor to other people.

Thousands of victims of human ignorance and infantilism are waiting in shelters.

Anyone who takes an animal out of the shelter corrects this crime.
And stay true to the moral principle that … You don’t buy friends!

My best regards to all, Venus

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