EU sues Malta!

The Valletta government is coming under increasing pressure for its hunting-friendly policies.
On December 3rd, the European Commission initiated three proceedings against the island nation for violations of the European Birds Directive.

Specifically, it is about the opening of the spring hunt for quail, which is banned in all other EU countries, as well as the catching of golden plovers, thrushes, and finches with large folding nets.

The photo shows a shot quail-Malta

According to the Commission, Malta has failed to ensure adequate police controls, which has led to a massive increase in poaching.
The committee had documented hundreds of cases of abuse in recent years and informed the European Commission about the situation in Malta.

If convicted by the European Court of Justice, Malta faces fines running into the millions.

a linnet as a decoy-Malta

This news is invaluable – it is not only a signal to the Maltese government but also to other EU countries that may also be planning such hunting permits.

And I mean...Amazing!
The violation that is now being brought to court has only taken place since the end of October 2020.
In this case, the EU brought a lawsuit in barely more than a month – that’s really great!

The process will of course take a while, but the start was sensationally quick.

If Malta is forced to withdraw these three permits, thousands of hunters will reluctantly comply with the new laws.

Of course, there will always be some criminals idiots who do not adhere to any regulations and will try to trick.

The committees’ fight against bird murder continues, however, and these poachers will hopefully be brought to justice too!

My best regards to all, Venus


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