Spain: COVID-19 tests in dogs and cats in Madrid!

They will begin to test COVID-19 in dogs and cats in Madrid!

The campaign will begin shortly and all aspects will be reported so that interested pet owners can book an appointment.

The SALUVET scientific research group of the Animal Health Department of the Veterinary Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid is carrying out a study on the incidence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in companion animals.

In order to gather as much information as possible, they will have the collaboration of the Peñagrande Veterinary Group, among other centers, to study the circulation of the virus among dogs and cats and to be able to evaluate the incidence of the disease in these species and analyze possible relationships o ties with people, as Andrés Santiago, one of the members of the Peñagrande Veterinary Group, has exclusively informed Diario Veterinario.

The campaign will begin shortly and all aspects will be reported so that interested pet owners can book an appointment and carry out the studies under the best quality standards, using aerological analysis (antibodies in the blood) and PCR (determination of respiratory antigens).

“Our clinics, with the aim of offering the best health services for both the owners of the animals and for them themselves, will offer these services completely free for their clients, consisting of a serological test in the blood to determine the level of antibodies and a test using a swab to identify antigens, that is, the virus in animals ”, explains Andrés Santiago.

“It is essential to have healthy animals in healthy environments to ensure the health of pet guardians and the general public.”

Anyone interested in participating in the study can do so at

And I mean…It is a known fact that 70% of corona tests give false results for humans.
If we still have no reliable research results against Corona (FOR PEOPLE), why should researchers in Spain be paid to research animals, who are verifiably not getting the virus?

At the beginning of the pandemic, Chinese pet owners in Wuhan threw their animals off the balconies for fear of an infection that did not even exist.

“Barbarians the Chinese”, we civilized Europeans used to say, “with our great animal protection law we can protect our pets from it”.
Today Wuhan and China have 0% Corona !!

And here, 100 years after the Spanish flu in 1918, our potent medicine is still unable to get a nasty virus like Corona under control, what the doctors in 1918 with the Spanish flu achieved within a year and a half.

It is a corrupt business that the Spaniards are now trying to open the next source of money with those who are demonstrably not getting the Corona !!
All they have to do is intimidate and scare the pet owners and the business will work!
The Chinese could learn something from them.

My best regards to all, Venus


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