Two good news today, from France

1. Hunter’s hut destroyed in arson

Apr 18 -VIA: La Provence

Yesterday morning, at about 9 o’clock, on chemin Blanc in Sérignan, the firemen were engaged to put out a fire on a hiking trail.

A hunters’ hut was the prey of the flames. The shelter of about fifty square meters burned down completely.

The criminal nature of this fire was not ruled out by the gendarmes. Should it be seen as a revenge against the hunters?
No one knows.

In any case, this fire occurred while last Friday, a doe pursued by poachers to Orange was found near the Pôle emploi agency.

Wounded, the animal did not survive despite its transport to a veterinarian.


And I mean…Motives are not of interest, only the result.
And the result is very gratifying – one less criminal hunting establishment

2. Cut trees destroy hunting lodge

VIA: Chassons a pro hunting website-Report

Neufmanil is a small village of 1085 inhabitants located in the Ardennes north of Charleville-Mézières.

A few days ago, the hunters of the commune found two cut trees lying on their cabin. The trees were cut at the base so that they fell on the cabin.

The hunters were obviously very surprised by this discovery and believe that this act of vandalism is the work of professional loggers.

The mayor of Neufmanil filed a complaint with the gendarmerie in Nouzonville.

A few days before January 17, an anti-hunting tag took place on the gate of the Neufmanil soccer stadium.
A new act of vandalism that shows how hunting has become the target of radical activists.

And I mean…For hunters, this means vandalism when two trees render a hunting lodge harmless!!

But when hunters with an aggressive pack of hunting dogs drive a whole fox family out of their house and, motivated by sadistic basic motives, murder all family members, they call it “hobby”, “nature conservation”, “species protection”. , “Epidemic protection” or “tradition”!

Thanks to the professional activists!


My best regards to all, Venus


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