1/5/18: News: Netherlands, India and England – Actions.


Use of Animals in Experiments Decreases in the Netherlands

Recently published figures have revealed that the use of non-human primates in experiments in the Netherlands decreased by a massive 49 per cent between 2015 and 2016. There were also significant reductions in the use of dogs (by 13 per cent); horses, donkeys, and other equines (by 31 per cent); and goats, sheep, and cattle (by 39 per cent).

The dramatic decline in the use of primates came after PETA Netherlands collected over 100,000 signatures from compassionate people all over Europe and delivered them to politicians in The Hague. As a result, in March 2016, the Dutch government passed a motion to phase out experiments at Europe’s largest primate facility, the Biomedical Primate Research Centre in Rijswijk.

PETA scientists subsequently submitted an extensive dossier with a strategy for replacing animal use with superior, kinder methods. Soon afterwards, following input from many stakeholder groups, Martijn van Dam, then the Dutch Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, announced his plan for the Netherlands to end the use of animals in toxicity tests for chemicals, food ingredients, pesticides, veterinary medicines, and vaccines by 2025.

If tests on animals were eliminated, experimenters would no longer force chemicals down the throats of mice, rats, rabbits, and other animals or inject them into their bodies. And monkeys would no longer be locked inside tiny cages and infected with fatal diseases.

PETA commends the Dutch government for making progress on this issue. But as long as experimenters in the Netherlands continue to use animals in more than 400,000 procedures a year, we must keep working to end these cruel and ineffective tests.

What You Can Do

Please sign our letter calling on the European Commission and the European Parliament to observe a moratorium on all animal experiments and review them systematically to reassess their value.



India – Kambala: Terrible Beatings and Abuse Exposed

The cruelty of kambala is deeply disturbing.

New video footage shot by PETA India at kambala events reveals that buffalo bulls were frothing at the mouth and struggling to breathe. Some had bloody wounds from abuse yet were still forced – with beatings – to run at breakneck speed!

Racing is both unnatural to buffaloes and damaging to their bodies – which is precisely why the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change banned the use of bulls in kambala, jallikattu, and other events in 2011. But last year, the Government of Karnataka, bowing to political pressure, passed a Bill amending the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, to permit kambala in that state. This received presidential assent, a terrible blow to efforts to end such atrocities.

Will you make a donation today to help PETA India stop kambala races and spare buffaloes and other animals abuse?

At personal risk, investigators from PETA India have attended and recorded seven recent kambala events in Karnataka, documenting rampant cruelty throughout, from violent beatings to nose ropes pulled so painfully and so hard that blood poured down the petrified buffaloes’ faces. We must do everything possible to help animals by getting kambala banned again!

When Karnataka’s government passed its first ordinance permitting kambala in 2017, we challenged its constitutional validity – and the Supreme Court issued notice in our petition in December of that year. The court asked the central and state governments to file a reply. After that, the Karnataka government dared to pass legislation amending the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, to allow kambala again. Now, we’re working on a writ petition before the Supreme Court that will powerfully challenge this abomination as well.

And not only are we working in the courts and making sure this issue is on the public’s mind with our vital, attention-grabbing media campaigns, we’re also speaking with policymakers – including senior officials with the Animal Welfare Board of India, the Karnataka government, and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change – to urge them to ban kambala and other cruel forms of entertainment. Support for our critical work to end these spectacles is growing steadily, and we need you and other compassionate PETA India members to help us have the kind of impact necessary to change all this.

Together, we will spare buffaloes the beatings and abuse that are inherent in kambala – and make India an animal-respecting nation that the world can look up to.




Environment secretary Michael Gove keeps talking about a ‘green brexit’, but he’s not put any concrete proposals forward to make that a reality.

We‘ve just asked him to make a start by including a pesticide reduction target for the UK in his upcoming Agriculture Bill.

Will you join us?



We desperately need to reduce our reliance on pesticides, and put our environment before the pesticide industry’s profits.





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