The story of the young goose Fibi

When the young goose Fibi on the morning of December 24th wakes up, she has no idea what is in store for her. 💔

While the world around her is full of anticipation for the Christmas holidays, Fibi has to embark on her most dangerous journey yet … 😨

The Most Violent Time Of The Year

Even though I’m only a few weeks old, I’ve been through so many terrible things:
Again and again I am kicked, beaten or grabbed by the neck and simply thrown through the hall.
Again and again I have to eat huge amounts.
I don’t want to anymore and I can’t anymore.

My life is hell
I only know this dark, filthy hall.
There are countless other geese around me, and they are no better either.
Nobody knows why we are here, but we all want to get out of here. My mom has to be somewhere too, I call for her day and night, but she doesn’t answer.
I miss her so much. Sometimes people pick up those of us who can no longer get up.
I also find it difficult to get up.
My legs hurt so much.
There must be something else out there.
It just can’t be that this is my whole life!
I just want to be loved and be free.
I overheard the people who come with the food in the morning.
They say they’ll all pick us up next week to turn our necks.
I’m so scared!

…If, after a long period of blindness and denial, one has managed to turn one’s back on these unworthy “traditions” and to eat and live as vegan as possible, then it is almost unbearable to endure the nonsense that is told by the “traditionalists” to justify the millions of crimes against animals, especially on the festival of love.

One often hears the argument, “But it is tradition, it has been practiced this way for centuries, the St. Martin’s goose is part of Christmas”

Most of the time tradition is associated with the greatest injustice and the fact that this injustice is legalized is not a valid criterion for judging acts and perpetrators.

We leave all animals out of the plate!
Also in Christmas as every day!

My best regards to all, Venus

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