San Francisco: the “No More Factory Farms” campaign gets support

Report-Direct Action Everywhere – DxE

Yesterday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution urging the California state government to pass a moratorium on the construction and expansion of factory farms and slaughterhouses!

This is a big win for our “No More Factory Farms” campaign (, as it’s no longer just organizations and individuals calling for a statewide moratorium.

We have the city and county of San Francisco behind us!

The resolution also expressed support for the federal Farm Systems Reform Act and includes this language: “The Board of Supervisors hereby declare that animal agriculture is a leading cause of environmental destruction, poses grave risks to public health, abuses and kills nonhuman animals, and often creates dangerous and exploitative conditions for workers.”

And I mean…The campaign demand was:
“We are calling on Governor Newsom to issue an executive order enacting an immediate moratorium on the expansion of or construction of new factory farms and slaughterhouses in the state, as a first step to phasing out these destructive facilities entirely”.

And the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has responded very positively.

Given the legislative powers of this body, there is great hope that the California state government has no choice but to approve the moratorium and thereby improve the living conditions of factory farming animals

Let’s hope so, and we think it is a very important step.
But we must not rely on this first step! we have to make sure that the government of California acts accordingly.

My best regards to all, Venus