A beautiful photo – a strong message

Wear the foxes 🦊 alive!
Boycott the fur!
Animals are friends, not items that can be bought

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/defendrelesanimaux/

regards, Venus

Birds of prey and owls on German zoos-a life in clains

Our new post: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2021/11/15/birds-of-prey-and-owls-on-german-zoos-a-life-in-clains/

My best regards to all, Venus

Spain: 16,000 partridges bred to be shot by hunters

Our new post: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2021/11/15/spain-16000-partridges-bred-to-be-shot-by-hunters/

My best regards to all, Venus