UK: Please Sigh The Petition To Stop Religious Slaughter In The UK – Which Is Against The Wishes Of The British People.

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 Please crosspost to the moon and back !

Please support the vast majority of the British people and sign this petition.

Brits are sick to death of seeing animals killed in this way because certain ‘religions’ say that it has to be done that way. If people of these religions want to live in the UK / Europe; then they follow UK / European law, which says that all animals must be stunned prior to slaughter.

Take action against a gutless government who are out of touch with the real world and real people in the UK.  Cameron has a lot to answer for !

Please watch the video with the petition and decide for yourself – is this the way to treat an animal because religion says so ?


Petition link:

Petition wording:

The British people are against halal slaughter.

Under British Law, animals must be stunned before slaughter, and not killed in full view of other animals.

Halal slaughter is a cruel, barbaric way to slaughter an animal. Denmark, Sweden, Germany Norway and the Netherlands have banned halal slaughter, and as an animal loving nation, we are petitioning for the same to happen here. We are angry at the food industry for pandering to the minority group that want halal foods, and we want you to stand up and set an example that halal is wrong.

It is completely unnecessary because the people who eat this food can say a prayer over the food which enables them to eat it.

We ask you to respect the wishes of the British people who are against halal and remove this from our foods. The Danish PM said animal rights have to come above religious rights, and we believe that in the year 2015, this is true.

Cameron Halal

You certainly do not !

Go and live somewhere else – get out of the UK

– useless hypocrite ! – can we suggest –

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