USA: The Trump Administration will now ALLOW the Import of Elephant Hunting Trophies to Resume. MAGA ?? – Doubt It !

In a move that could further imperil Africa’s already endangered elephants; the Trump administration will now ALLOW the import of elephant hunting trophies to resume.

The move comes as the administration establishes a taxpayer funded advisory council, stacked with die-hard trophy hunters, that will advise on how to promote the killing of more imperiled species; such as elephants and lions; for alleged ‘sport’.

In November 2017, the Interior Department announced plans to reverse the Obama-era ban on elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe.  Originally, Trump tweeted (as always !) and called elephant hunting a ‘horror show’.  It appeared that he was going to keep the ban in place.  But by March this year, the administration had reversed course again, quietly deciding to consider permits for trophy imports on a case by case basis.

Not only did the administration slip its reversal announcement under the radar, but its new process for approving trophy hunting is entirely shielded from public view.  With such a cosy relationship between the administration and the trophy hunting groups (like Safari Club International) and the NRA; it can be assured that the ‘case by case’ decisions are going to come down in favour of the hunters all the time.  As Trumps sons Donald Jnr and Eric are so into sports hunting, the administrations oddly named ‘International Wildlife Conservation Council (IWCC) is packed with trophy hunting advocates.

Appointed members include the NRA’s director of hunting policy, a ‘celebrity hunter’ who co produced the reality tv show “Extreme Huntress’ and the co owner, with Trumps sons; of a hunting preserve in upstate New York.

In the meantime, the administration rejected scores of qualified candidates from the conservation community, including the NRDC Senior Attorney Andrew Wetzler; who is an expert in endangered species law; and a person who was backed by six other prominent conservation and animal welfare organisations.

So, letting a select committee comprised of trophy hunting interests decide the fate of elephants and other endangered species is a recipe for disaster.

As for Trump and ‘making America great again’; we at SAV doubt that the environmental organisations of the world will see this as anything but ‘great’; quite the opposite.  Once again; the Trumps making sure that they personally do best from new policy, and stuff everyone else.


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  1. disgusting… but we couldn’t expect better from such criminal

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