Serbia: Time Is Running Out To Help Kiki, Kuci and Lela. We Have Tried To Help – Where Are You ?

We have donated twice to help here – and we are the only donors.

Why ? – where are all the global animal people ?

Is a 5 or 10 Euro donation too much to ask of people.

Small donations add up to the required amount.

We are not picking money off our money bonsai; but we are trying to help.

Where are all the animal supporters who visit this site every day ?

Please give and give now, before the end of the month.



Help for KUCI, KIKI and LELA

Dear friends, Thanks to you and your unselfish help, these beautiful dogs remain on safe place and with a food. Situation we have is that we need help for them every month. February has passed covered with all your financially help and support. 

March is almost here and we will need all your help and support again. They know they are calm and peaceful, because they have friends in you and your help. Nobody is easy, months are coming, and obligations are there. Their existence on safe is always questionable, but I always effort myself to secure them safe place and food for normal life. Luckily, without you all this would be impossible. We need help for March:

– KIKI 40 euros for accommodation and 20 euros for food 

– KUCI 40 euros for accommodation and 20 euros for food 

– LELA 20 euros for accommodation and 20 euros for food 

Sum 160 euros


Serbia: Pippa Needs A Forver Home Urgently – URGENT – We can only keep her until 26.03.18.

URGENT – We can only keep her until 26.03.18

PIROT, SERBIA – Pippa is looking for a home.

Female puppy medium sized dog, 5/6 months old, cleaned from parasites, we think she is a Pointer & black Labrador cross.
Friendly, playful & cuddly girl is looking for a family, her brothers & sisters found homes, she is the last one left.

Can you help her? We can’t keep her for much longer.
Contact Milos 069 422 8677












SAV Facebook – Please Visit and Help If You Can.


Please visit SAV Facebook to see many excellent Serbian animal shelters in need of help.  Can you help them ? – please consider making a donation.  Any amount no matter how small is always welcome.  Lots of ‘smalls’ join together to become a ‘large’.  That goes for donations as well.  Strays need help and are given help – but it costs – please donate thank you.

SAV Facebook link –

Serbia: Overdebt for Food, Medicine and Kennels! – Please Help Thank You.

Overdebt for food, medicine and kennels!

From the beginning of this year stray dogs in Bor are facing one of the hardest periods; Cruelly low temperatures of minus 20 degrees and lower, hungry, frozen, helpless and left to fend for themselves on the streets of the town where unfortunately most of the residents absolutely do not care about them … among that crowd of people who is considering  stray  dogs as the ‘ugly’ part of the city which they should get rid of, there are people like Joja.  

Many people know the story about this man of enormous heart, his daily sacrifice  and unselfish willpower to help every single injured stray at every moment. During this Siberian winter many dog houses for strays were taken, many of which have not yet been paid, large amounts of food from pet shop that was not paid, stray puppies have been  vaccinated, which was left unpaid,  a couple of stray females have been spayed, etc.. so much debts as usual, and it is necessary as soon as possible to settle them, so that we can continue our work ..

This fundraiser below caters for the shortfall for kennel, food fees and vet services, which we are not able to cover..

Every single person involved  makes a big difference.

There are no happy endings without your help! 


Please donate now to help – any amount helps no matter how small – Thank You.








Turkey: Genius Machine Feeds Stray Dogs In Exchange For Recycled Bottles.

SAV Comment – Seems like a great idea.  Especially if an additive could be put in the food also to effectively sterilise the animal.  We understand that this type of sterilisation procedure is currently being trialled in some parts of Romania.  If Turkey and Romania can take action, then why not Serbia ? – this method below solves 2 issues; it recycles plastic waste (which we all want) and encourages the public to do it, and at the same time it helps to feed the stray animals of the city.

Will Serbia attempt something like this or is corruption in Serbian authorities still meaning that the only way they make corrupt money is to continue capturing and killing stray dogs ? – like a Medieval approach !


This Genius Machine Feeds Stray Dogs In Exchange For Recycled Bottles


One innovative company has created a vending machine that’s dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends.

The Turkish company Pugedon recently introduced a vending machine in Istanbul that releases food and water for the city’s stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles, Big Think reported. Once someone deposits their bottle at the top, food is released at the bottom. The Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes operate at no charge to the city, and the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food.

The simple machine will provide a steady source of sustenance to the animals, who often rely on the area’s residents to feed them. It’s also bringing some positive change to a place where the fate of stray animals has not always been a happy one.

Turkey is known for its large numbers of stray animals roaming its urban areas. The city of Istanbul alone is home to more than 150,000 stray dogs and cats, according to Deutsche Welle. While some welcome their company, others complain that the animals are sources of disease and danger.

These complaints have led the Turkish government to draft a law which would require thousands of stray dogs to be transported to a “wildlife park,” removing the animals from the urban environment which they have adapted to, Deutsche Welle reports. Dogs have also allegedly been the targets of poisoning campaigns, according to the Associated Press.

The Pugedon vending machines aim to give these stray animals a brighter future, while also encouraging its users to get in a healthy recycling habit.


Although the Serbian system promotes the Shinters (dogcatchers) to its citizens as the only way to keep them safe; when you look a little deeper you find there are lots of other solutions to orally sterilising stray animals:…7200.22029.0.22687.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..1.29.3919…0j46j0i131k1j0i46k1j0i22i30k1j33i22i29i30k1j33i160k1j33i21k1.0.x52ZqpPNOqo


A government Ministry and the vets and associates that advise it, should really be using public funds to research and develop strategies for the long term reduction of stray animal numbers – and by this we mean a ‘No Kill’ approach.

As the Serbian government and its authorities never seem to publish or provide details of these alternative ‘No Kill’ methods; one has to ask if the continual rounding up and killing of stray dogs (for a dividend) is the financially viable way for some, rather than resolving citizens concerns regarding the number of strays on the streets.

A decent government would look at all methods of reducing stray numbers over time; as per the oral sterilisation methods given in the above link.  As we have always said, the continual killing of strays never resolves the stray population ‘problem’; (after all these years, and if it was effective as the government tell their citizens; would this method have not shown dramatic results by now ? – we suggest they look at the above graphic – an additional 67,000 dogs from one pair in 6 years – we have been campaigning on this for 12 years; and there are more than 1 pair of dogs in Serbia !) as other strays enter a ‘cleaned’ area – filling the void left by catch and kill methods.

Simple but effective oral sterilisation should be addressed much more by the Serbian government.  If we can find the above through a simple web search, why cant they ?

Where is all the ‘continual kill’ policy money going ? – into misleading the public by telling them that this is the only way we, the government, suggest.

Not true; there are now alternatives as you can read above.

Will the Serbian authorities look at alternatives to resolving the stray numbers issue ? – NO; we are making money just fine thanks  – Status Quo !




Serbia: UPDATE – More Info and Videos Of The Protest Against Dogcatchers.

Regarding our recent post re protests in Serbia against the dogcatcher organisation –   – we now have some video footage which Serbian campaigners wish to share.


English translation complete with photographs and videos can be seen on the following link:

We hope the link works ok.


Protest was held in Vranje, Serbia , against unlawful tender, given to notorious Avenija MB, dogcatchers , tender worth more than 37.000 euros , to „ACCOMMODATE“ dogs, read KILL THEM.

More than 1.366 dogs are supposed to be killed, in spite the fact that The Law doesn’t allow killing and torture.
Link of our article where we describe the origin of this notorious business.

There is English translation also.

Many local Serbian Animal Welfare Org supported this Protest, together with many from the region and the world. It was organised by Borba za zivot Vranje(Fight for Life Vranje) and Koalicija za zivot Belgrade. (Coalition for Life). We would like to thank all for their support. This is just the beginning. We don’t expect fast changes, because this is just the part of horrible corruption which rules. But, we won’t give up.

The message of this Protest was- Avenija MB go away from our backyard. We will do everything we can, for these concentration camp in Novo Selo, to be closed for ever.

Our Concerns To The EU Over Serbia Becoming An EU Member State – Only When It Enforces The Law For Stray Animals In Accordance With Existing Serbian Laws.


Regarding our recent posts on the dogcatchers of Serbia; we are now in the final stages of writing a letter which we will be sending to the EU.

The EU is very keen (as we have seen with live animal transport to Turkey) to simply dismiss the concerns and pass the enforcement back to member states.  We call this a cop out and consider the EU Commission should be stepping in to prosecute.

If the EU wants to brag about all its legislation to protect, then it needs to step up to the plate and prove it is enforcing what it says.

This will be our case to the EU.

But back to Serbian dogs.


Serbia is currently an EU ‘Candidate Country’ –

The Treaty on the European Union states that any European country may apply for membership of the EU if it respects the democratic values of the EU and is committed to promoting them.

The first step is for the country to meet the key criteria for accession. These were mainly defined at the European Council in Copenhagen in 1993 and are hence referred to as ‘Copenhagen criteria’. Countries wishing to join need to have:

  • stable institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities;


With these standards, set out by the EU itself, we can only assume that the EU will do as it says; both protecting the rule of law and citizens rights within Serbia.


·         Serbia – with from 1st January 2006, the Criminal Code of Serbia. Article 269,


And also Article 46 of the Serbian Veterinary Law  means that stray animals must not be killed but given protection by regional authorities.  We cover the legislation in more detail at –

And so we think the EU does have a responsibility under ‘Copenhagen’ to ensure that Serbia is enforcing the rule of law for strays before it is allowed to join the EU.

Serbia is not currently enforcing its own laws (Article 269 and Article 46 of the Serbian Veterinary law), and so we feel the EU should become involved with this.  We are currently writing a letter to the EU based on this information – and asking them to address the issue of stray dogs / Serbian law with the Serbian government.

Serbia needs to enforce its own laws way before the EU accepts it as a member state of the EU.  If necessary, we would be prepared to argue this case in a court of law.  If the EU states that candidate nations should show adherence to the Copenhagen Criteria, then the EU must ask Serbia why it is non compliant with enforcing its own national laws for the welfare of stray dogs and cats !