France: no animal transport during the heat!

France bans all animal transport until the end of the heat wave!


Because of the ongoing heat, animal transport in France has been banned for the time being. “Yesterday (Wednesday) I ordered to ban the transport of animals because we can not leave the animals in trucks and trains,” said Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume the station BFM TV. He had therefore prohibited animal transports for a few days.

One will see in the coming week, if the heat decreases.

This is a perfectly understandable and empathic decision of France!


Viva la France! ❤🐄🐖🐓

Even France is groaning since the beginning of the week under a heatwave.

According to the Météo France meteorological service, the heat is exceptional – firstly because of its early beginning in the month of June, secondly because of the pronounced intensity during the day and at night. Regional meteorologists expect more than 40 degrees. It is hot especially in the southeast of the country.

And in the rest of Europe?

The madness with the animal transport under this extreme heat continues. In Germany, for example. The German government has neither the courage nor empathy to put the welfare and life of transport animals over the economic interests of the animal exploiters!

And the animals are transported in glowing coffins at 40 degrees.

With the blessing of our Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner!
Our Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has no interest in animals at all. She is a friend of the slaughterhouses, a friend of the hunt and represents only the interests of the farmer and the meat mafia. And especially immune to hatred and rejection of millions citizens of her country.

My best regards to all, Venus

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