Serbia: UPDATE – More Info and Videos Of The Protest Against Dogcatchers.

Regarding our recent post re protests in Serbia against the dogcatcher organisation –   – we now have some video footage which Serbian campaigners wish to share.


English translation complete with photographs and videos can be seen on the following link:

We hope the link works ok.


Protest was held in Vranje, Serbia , against unlawful tender, given to notorious Avenija MB, dogcatchers , tender worth more than 37.000 euros , to „ACCOMMODATE“ dogs, read KILL THEM.

More than 1.366 dogs are supposed to be killed, in spite the fact that The Law doesn’t allow killing and torture.
Link of our article where we describe the origin of this notorious business.

There is English translation also.

Many local Serbian Animal Welfare Org supported this Protest, together with many from the region and the world. It was organised by Borba za zivot Vranje(Fight for Life Vranje) and Koalicija za zivot Belgrade. (Coalition for Life). We would like to thank all for their support. This is just the beginning. We don’t expect fast changes, because this is just the part of horrible corruption which rules. But, we won’t give up.

The message of this Protest was- Avenija MB go away from our backyard. We will do everything we can, for these concentration camp in Novo Selo, to be closed for ever.

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