England: 8/8/2014 – EU Live Animal Transport Update – SAV Write TO EU Commissioner Responsible for Live Animal Transport.


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EU Live Animal Transport Update – 8/8/2014.

Following on from our recent action post regarding action and a sample letter which can be sent to the EU Commissioner regarding live animal transport:


SAV have today (8/8/14) written directly to the EU Commissioner responsible for live animal transport welfare; Tonio Borg; http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/borg/ , providing him with a detailed account of why in our view the current EU legislation, in the form of Regulation 1/2005 (of 22nd December 2004) on ‘the protection of animals during transport’; actually provides anything but ‘protection’ for animals undergoing long distance transport between existing EU member states.

SAV founder Mark has some 25 years experience regarding both direct investigation and campaign work associated with long distance animal transport throughout the entire EU.  See more at ‘About Us’ – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/

In his direct letter to Commissioner Borg and ‘not mincing his words, but being clear and directly to the point(s), Mark states the following:

“To declare (as per 1/2005) that a driver is ‘competent’ to transport live animals for many hours across international borders simply because he has a piece of paper which says that he has undergone very basic tests / questions, and as a result is supposedly ‘competent’ is a complete and utter travesty for both EU animal welfare and good name of all EU citizens who are sick of witnessing the daily abuses that this EU live transport trade supports”.

“I ask you, please inform me here where is the ‘animal protection’ that you talk about and the so-called ‘competents’ (of 1/2005)” ….

“… you as the responsible Commissioner should face up to the facts and your responsibilities that EU citizens require a lot more action from you now on the issue of live animal transport. 

These requirements include:

  • A one off maximum journey time of 8 hours for all animals in transport; regardless of them going for immediate slaughter or for further fattening.
  • An utter overhaul / complete re-vamp of the Regulation 1/2005 which as shown by undercover EU investigators time and time again; actually does very little, or even nothing, to give any ‘protection’ to animals being transported across the EU.       The Regulation is a farce; as is the entire EU system at present for live animals in transport
  • Much better and much more detailed animal transport driver training prior to them being given their sheet of paper and being declared as ‘competent’ to deal with animals being transported. If shown in any way that they are incompetent in their actions, then they be removed / struck off for good from being a driver of livestock animals”

“As the Commissioner responsible, it is now down to you to immediately address the EU concerns expressed by millions of EU citizens and implement positive actions for animal welfare improvements immediately; such as for example, stopping Dutch criminals from exporting live animals from the UK to mainland Europe.  This, combined with a much needed and very important piece of new legislation introducing an 8 hour maximum journey time limit would be a good start now in 2014 to actually show you really mean action rather than just talking the talk of better animal welfare somewhere in the future; maybe in years to come; whilst animals suffer in transport every day in-between.

It is time for you to step up to the plate immediately and introduce new and much tougher legislation for animals in transport rather than the dismal, irresponsible and utterly incompetent legislation that we have in the name of ‘Regulation 1/2005’ giving so-called ‘protection’ to animals currently in transport across the EU.  This shambles of a document is a disgrace on the EU”.


Whilst fully respecting the position of the EU Commissioner, and wanting to provide supportive evidence of his request, Mark finishes his letter:

I thank you for your time and consideration of my requests; and I will be watching you and the actions of your Commission very closely to see just how much progress you actually make in ‘paving the way for (animal welfare) achievements in the near future.  Please don’t plan to pave the way for years in the future; be brave and take on your EU Commissioner responsibilities; do it now – 2014 !!”


The letter was supported with many images of animals suffering in long distance transport within the EU over the past couple of years.


The view at SAV on live animal transport in the EU is that:

  • It is the EU Commission who can change animal transport legislation which will have an impact on ALL animal transport throughout the EU.
  • Campaigning only in individual member states of the EU does not address the overall issue of helping live animals in transport across the whole of the EU.
  • If a total revision / update to existing Regulation 1/2005 is undertaken at the EU Commission; this legislation will automatically impact ALL existing EU member states, who will then be required to amend their national legislation (based around 1/2005) to encompass the new rules.
  • A maximum one off journey time of 8 hours maximum for all animals in transport is very much needed to supersede the existing regulation which allows different species of animals to travel for vastly different times
  • Vastly different times which over many years, have been proven time and time again by welfare group undercover investigation teams to show that the existing rules and regulations are NOT being enforced on the road.
  • Animals suffer and endure nightmare journeys as a result – it is time for change – NOW.

A full copy of the correspondence has also been provided to the ‘Eurogroup for Animals’ http://eurogroupforanimals.org/  with the hope that they will also act and add weight to support their recent meeting with Commissioner Borg regarding EU live animal transport.

SAV now hope that we will be provided with a written response from both / either Commissioner Borg and / or the Eurogroup.  This will be provided on this site should it happen.

Regardless, the campaign to improve the welfare of ALL animals in long distance transport across the WHOLE of the EU continues.  Please watch this site for future actions and updates on this issue.

A copy of the existing EU Regulation (1/2005) on the so-called ‘protection of animals during transport’ can be viewed at:


– to view in English, simply go to the ‘EN’ language header; or alternatively select your language from all others provided.

Thank you – SAV.









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