Germany: murdered lambs and sheep in plastic bags

What makes a person kill a flock of sheep and lambs, maim the carcasses, stuff them in plastic bags and dispose of them in the forest?


The police are trying to answer this question after a scary find in the forest near the city Leipzig, in Saxony!

At around 7 p.m., a woman called the emergency service because there were numerous blue garbage bags along her stroll, over which flocks of flies circled.
A little later, firefighters exposed an outrageous discrace.


Pure terror is written on the faces of the firefighters when they look at the bags with the dead lambs. © Frank Schmidt


“There were dead lambs in the sacks,” said police spokeswoman. We counted a total of 28 bags of dead sheep and lamb carcasses. ”

The investigators have a bad suspicion. Shortly before Easter, the Saxon Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association complained that many sheep farmers would not be able to get rid of their lambs due to the Corona crisis.

Because the restaurants that traditionally serve lamb at Easter have closed.

Association chief Detlef Rohmann spoke of “great difficulties” (!!!)

Because the oversupply of lamb also means that the wholesale prices at the bottom are rushing down and the raising of too many lambs is not profitable for the breeders, a sheep farmer probably has his “problem” in this way done.

The dead animals were disposed of like garbage on the forest path. © Frank Schmidt



The one who deposited the dead animals in the forest wanted to cover up his tracks: “The ears with the animal’s identification tags were cut off, “ said the police.

My comment: The stupid President of Lower Saxony recently released three wolves of a pack (one of them is a pregnant wolf) for shooting. Until then, no one sheep had been wiped from the wolfs.  (

The farmers enforced it on the grounds that they are afraid for their sheep, which they love like their children.
As soon as they are worth nothing, the “children” end up in blue bags, murdered, disassembled, disposed of like garbage in the forest.

Now it was not the wolf that massacred the animals and packed them in blue bags, but a psychopath from the peasant front.

Of course, he won’t get a just punishment. We know how it will end.

Anyone psychologist will send him to Mallorca for dolphin therapy so that the “sensitive, anxious, poor farmer” can recover from the severe psychological trauma of the Corona period.

My best regards to all, Venus

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