Serbia to Apply for EU Candidate Status in 2009

Serbia to apply for EU candidate status in 2009


Belgrade, Dec 18, 2008 – Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration Bozidar Djelic today stated that Serbia will apply for EU candidate status in 2009, a step which it will make with the cooperation of its EU partners.


Djelic told the press that the EU is to assess the implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement in order to consider the country’s candidacy.

Therefore, we will begin implementing the SAA from January 1, so that when the time comes the European Commission will positively assess Serbia’s application, he said.

Djelic also noted that Serbia will continue with its efforts and activities aimed at persuading the Netherlands to change its stance and give its consent for the application of the implementation of the Transitional Trade Agreement in Serbia.

He reiterated that Serbia is doing its best to locate the remaining two Hague indictees, voicing his hope that the Netherlands will be faced with more and more evidence of Serbia’s efforts to successfully conclude its cooperation with the Hague tribunal.



SAV Comment:

We know the Serbian government is not implementing its own national legislation in regard to animal welfare.  Implementation being shown to work within an EU member state is a fundamental requirement of membership, and so, Serbia does not qualify.

Over the next few days, we will be providing full MEP contact details for all existing EU citizens in order that they can ask that Serbia remains outside of the EU until No Kill and humane animal welfare policies are undertaken and proven to be working.

As existing  europeans and the Euro elections being held in the Summer of 2009, there is no better time than now to ask your existing MEPs to act on behalf of Serbian animals, and for you to cast your MEP vote at the elections based on the responses you get, if any.

Now the EU must show it is listening to its citizens, and more importantly, undertaking the requests of its citizens.

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