England Uk: Urgent Donations Required to Save Rescue Shelter Greyhounds – Please Help

A message sent from Gill to our animal buddies at South West Animal Protection (SWAP) and Greyhound Crusaders – England, Uk.



Thank you so much for all your help, it is much appreciated.

We have been rescuing greyhounds and lurchers for 12 years now. For the last few years we have only taken in cases of serious abuse, physical and mental.

The dogs that we shelter in the UK aren’t suitable for rehoming for a number of reasons, some because their behaviour is unpredictable, some because of lasting injuries, and some because of phobias they have developed or long stay dogs that were never going to find a forever home. Hounds that have been so abused that when they see a person will take fright or greyhounds that have sustained horrific injuries that will need specialist care and medication throughout their lives

We have a high proportion of older greyhounds who stabilise the group, several are approaching their twilight years and incontinent. We have taken in dogs from Ireland, the UK and Italy (thanks to Anne Finch), our Rome boy Uraguay died at the ripe old age of 14 last October.

We desperately need help now to save our greyhounds and lurchers. We currently have 40 dogs at our shelter who are in danger of being put to sleep in four weeks time. We have personally funded all their treatment and given them a roof over their heads for the last 10 years, unfortunately due to the current economic climate, we have been unable to pay the mortgage on the property where we keep them. 

Apart from the donations we receive from local shops in the form of food, we receive no other funding for keep or medical bills. Unless we are able to find £12,000 in the next 28 days they will nearly all have to be put to sleep as they aren’t rehomable, having come from other rescues, we are their last chance saloon. I feel as though we have failed them miserably, we have spoken to the mortgage company and explained the situation but they are less than sympathetic. If anybody can help us save these animals lives we would be eternally grateful.

Apart from being the charity that our local pet superstore supports and other kind donations we receive, we have always funded the looking after of the hounds from our own pockets. Unfortunately over the last three years we have had to act as full time carers to both my father who died of lung cancer in 2007, and my mother-in-law who died of heart failure in December last year. This meant we were unable to work the hours needed to pay the bills.

Our mortgage company who appeared to be sympathetic to our situation, had said they would give us time to pay the arrears. We then received a letter stating they were applying for the warrant to evict us in 28 days. Our main concern is the dogs welfare and trying to keep a roof over their heads.

Tel: 07960 979156
Please contact Gill DIRECT if you are able to help in anyway at all-



Gill’s Paypal Account is set up to use her email address as- gill.craddock@btinternet.com

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If you wish to make a donation by Paypal and you already  have an 
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Once you are into your account, click on the blue tab at the top 
entitled ‘Send Money’. When you are into this screen you enter the 
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gill.craddock@btinternet.com in the first box, followed 
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You then click the tab labelled ‘Personal’ and tick the box ‘Gift’ 
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You will then see a screen where you can review your payment and add 
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Very many thanks for what you are doing  for us.