Uk: Petition – The First Ever Animal Bill Of Rights


The First Ever Animal Bill Of Rights


Target: Anyone relevant to the accomplishment of our goal.
Sponsor: Matt DeLuca

The love and loyalty of Animals is one that the human animal can learn from, and thus, it is time that we finally give animals their due, and consider them the precious, feeling, living, breathing, Spiritual beings that they are. (Some say that I am dreaming…that this Earth will never treat Animals with such love, kindness, and equality. To that, I say this: The first man on the moon had a dream once. He dreamt of someday walking on the moon. Elvis Presley and Jon Bon Jovi were both told to give up their dream of being succesful musicians, because “it would never happen”. Dont tell me that dreams dont come true. They do. Moral of the story. I will NOT “aim low”…I will not give-up and accept the way of the world….I will not accept that this cannot become a reality, because, if enough of you share the dream with me, it WILL become a reality. Do you share the dream? Do you refuse to allow Animals to suffer and die because of human animal ignorance, arrogance, egotism, and speciesism? If so, please sign this petition. Every act of positive change that this world has ever seen, was first a dream of a rare few. We have a dream. It CAN and WILL come true if enough of you share this dream with us. Do you share the dream? If so, you understand that it doesnt end with your signature on this petition. If you truly share the dream and have a passion to it see it become a reality, you will work to make this a better world for Animals. How? BY MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR ANIMALS. You have the power. Dont wait for politicians to tell you its ok to change the world. Change it yourself! One human at a time, making life better for one Animal at a time, and we will change the world. Society’s flawed perceptions (I.E. We’re “supreme beings” and Animals are “second rate beings”) allow Animal cruelty, suffering and death to continue. Change the world’s ignorant, and arrogant perceptions towards Animals, and you change the way that the world treats Animals. And you change the laws in the process, thus, this dream CAN come true, and it WILL come true…….. if enough of us want it to. Believe. Achieve. Animals are beautiful people. Treat them as such. And enlighten this dark world with the light of the truth.)


Photos: Animals Asia, Animals Angels, SAV Alliance