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Serbia: Subotica City Pound Closed to Animal Welfare NGO’s. Dogs To Be Killed Regularly With Serbian Government Approval. Write To the EU MEPs and Ask for Serbia To be Investigated Before Being Allowed EU Membership.

Please remember this as you read the post below –

*** MEP’s require your votes at the European Parliament elections to be held in June 2009 ****.

No action on Serbian Animal Welfare by the EU – NO June Votes for MEPs by EU  Citizens !




Subotica City, Serbia – 6th January 2009.


There are around 250 dogs and many cats also in the city pound at Subotica.


There is a ban by the authorities allowing NGO’s such as EPAR to enter the pound.

Gates have been padlocked to prevent NGO access, as can be seen in the photograph.



Padlocked gates at Subotica City Pound – NO NGO’s  ALLOWED !!


The public firm for garbage collection in Subotica, JKP “Cistoca i zelenilo”, has now informed Suboticas citizens about their plans for mass animal killings.


Around one week before new year, Subotica citizens were informed by local radio that JKP “Cistoca i zelenilo” has now purchased more vehicles and will be more effective at catching stray dogs and cats.  They will kill the animals 7 days after they have been caught and held at the pound.


JKP “Cistoca i zelenilo” has a Director named Vlada Dragin;

he is the BROTHER of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Sasha Dragin.


Keep animal issues in the family !




Subotica Pound 2008 Archive Pictures




As of today, 6th January 2009, no killings have been undertaken at the city pound, but the authorities and those who run the public services are all encouraged because the government has not undertaken national legislation implementation and they appear to be ensuring that no one has been prosecuted or sent to jail, as they should legally be, for inflicting suffering on animals (Article 269).


It is the same old story in Serbia, that the authorities and government only apply the law when it suits them to apply it.  As a nation (Serbia) seeking EU accession, this type of attitude is NOT acceptable for EU membership.


We understand at this moment that throughout Serbia, authorities are encouraged about the ability to undertake mass killings, because the government is not strong enough to enforce existing legislation and prosecute.  Crimes against animals can be punished under existing Serbian law by up to 3 years jail.




Subotica Pound – From This ……………….




………. To This; Dog Corpses from the City Pound Killings




Again, From This ………..



………………  To This

We say again, if the Serbian government cannot be seen to be enforcing its own existing national legiislation, then it is NOT worthy of being given membership of the EU.


This is terrible news for the animals but very typical of a government which does what it likes and which does not care about its own national legislation enforcement.


The local and republic authorities are primarily members of the Democracy Party as is the current Serbian President, Mr. Boris Tadic.


On October 21st, the European union Intergroup wrote a letter to President Tadic about the issue of stray animals in serbia.  A copy of this letter can be seen at


To show complete and utter contempt to the EU, the Union which Mr. Tadic wishes to join as the Serbian President, we understand that as of 7th January 2009, President Tadic has NOT even bothered to respond to the EU Intergroup regarding their letter !


The killings across Serbia are in opposition to current Serbian legislation, and so again and right now, we ask all supporters please to access the following links (see below) and demand from their Members of the European Parliament (MEP) a full investigation by the EU into why a state such as Serbia, seeking EU accession, should be allowed to ignore its own national legislation for animal welfare. 


This implementation of national legal enforcement is a fundamental requirement of a state seeking EU accession; and once again, Serbia has failed.  President Tadic has ignored the requests of the EU Intergroup to respond about things he has been asked.


The EU must be made aware of this NOW.


MEP’s require your votes at the European Parliament elections to be held in June this year.


If they are to get your vote, then they have to do something in return; and that is to ask for a full investigation into the non-enfocement of existing Serbian animal welfare legislation before Serbia is even considered for EU accession.


EU citizens can contact their own national MEPs using the following links – nations are detailed over all links and so please check through until you find your own country.


Please see the following links for national EU MEP contact details:


Please remind your MEPs that what they do or do not do with regard Serbian stray animal issues within the EU Parliament, and with regard to stopping Serbian EU accession, will have a very major influence on the way that you cast your vote at the June 2009 European Elections.


In summary, if MEPs do not act with regard Serbia and animal welfare legislation within Serbia; demanding full written legislation from the Serbian government, then MEPs will NOT get the votes they require for re-election at the June 09 Euro elections.


Serbian government, authorities and press/media can also be informed of your request to your MEPs – that they act for Serbian animals or they do not get your vote in June.


NON EU citizens can still contact Euro MEPs

and ask for the Serbian EU accession and lack of Serbian government stray animal policy / legislation enforcement to be a priority for discussion within the European parliament BEFORE Serbia is ever allowed to gain membership of the (European) Union.


Please use the links given directly above to contact MEPs asking for them to address the Serbian stray animal issue.


Contacts details for Serbia are given below.


Please copy your letters to all EU MEPs to the following Serbian contacts also – Thank You.



Contacts: (Block listing given below)


Mayor of Subotica  – Mr. Sasha Vuchinic

Head of  township committee- Mrs Marija Ushumovic Davchik


Director of JKP Cistoca i zalenilo- Mr Vlada Dragin


President of  Serbia-Mr.Boris Tadic nkrstic@predsednik.srbija.yu


Minister of Agriculture – Mr.Sasha Dragin


Director of Veterinary Department- Mr. Zoran Micovic


Block  e-mail addresses of authorities  local and republic`s (as above listings):



Subotica local media :


Main media of Serbia