India (Delhi): Little ‘Gauri’ Needs a Home – Can You Help ?



This is beautiful little Gauri.  She is one and half months old, furry and very playful and intelligent. Please we need to find a home for her.


She is currently with me in Delhi.


For adoption, please contact:

Rishi Dev,



Thanks – SAV




A Special Message From Slavica to Simonne Egerix of A.D.A. Asbl; Brussels, Belgium.

A special message from Slavica to Simonne Egerix of A.D.A. Asbl; Brussels, Belgium.


A.D.A. Asbl web site:


Dear Simonne,   January 2009.




This beautiful white Bundas has now arrived at our EPAR shelter with a big smile on his  face. We try to keep smiles on the faces of all our dogs and cats at EPAR shelter by providing them with love, care, a safe home and lots of good food.


The continued smiles on our EPAR shelter animalsv are kept because of the wonderful help which people and organisations such as yourselves are able to provide. 


We are very, very grateful for your tireless help and support.


Today  is a real holiday  for our animals because now we have taken in your very wonderful donation of 600 kg of dry dog food into EPAR shelter.




I am very happy that you may be able to help our 40 cats which live at EPAR shelter, as very often they have no choice but to have to eat dog food.


They will have big smiling faces if they have a delivery of cat food especially for themselves; very happy cats !


We are very,very  grateful to you all.  For all of the animals at EPAR shelter, there has been enough suffering in the past.  Now at the shelter it is time to try and give them a better and happier life for the future. 


Without the help and support of our very many animal friends everywhere, our successes for the animals would be much harder to achieve.


Thank you again dear Simonne;


Love  and regards




Slavica Mazak Beslic


Friend-epar/OIPA member league /Alliance for Animal Rights/Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


Subotica, Serbia