India (Delhi area): Male Puppy Saved From Death Now Ready For Adoption – Can You Help ?


Ready for adoption in the Delhi area – SAV.


On 4/8/09, trisha ghose <> wrote:




My name is Trisha. I have a male mixed breed puppy that I’m trying to find a home for and I was hoping you could help.


I picked up the puppy from Friendicoes because he fell really sick and was on the verge of dying. But I already have a dog and he’s pretty aggressive so I can’t keep the puppy on a permanent basis.




I haven’t given him a name because I wanted the people who adopt him to name him what they want to. The puppy was admitted to Friendicoes because he broke his front left paw in an accident.


He’s a very friendly dog. He has a slight guard dog instinct but would never bite anyone or any dog. He’s very affectionate and loves being around people.






I’ve been training him he’s learnt most of the basics such as sit, shake, stay, and walking without a leash. He actually prefers walking without a leash.

I’ve attached some pictures of him.


Please contact me if anyone is interested in adopting him.

My number is 9811990051.


Thank you so much for your help.




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