EU: Written Declaration for Strays – Please Try the Following and Target Your Specific, National and Regional MEPs for Support.



21/04 – ** Additional Info ONLY FOR UK Citizens:


If you would rather contact your MEP(s) at their Uk offices, instead of the European ones, you can find all Uk contact details via the following link.


Simply click on the Uk region (Constituency) you live in, using the colour coded map, and then you will be provided with a full index of all your regional MEPs, including their Uk contact details.




This is now the final campaign route we can come up with to get a result on the written declaration for strays.  We have until 7th May latest to get 396 or more signatures to support the written declaration for stray and pet animals.


At the moment, we have around 170 from MEPs right across Europe.


So we are in need of at least another 225 or more from across Europe.


It sounds a lot, but if we work together, then it is easily possible.


One of the problems I have personally experienced to date when trying to contact all my own national MEPs, is that IF YOU ARE NOT DIRECTLY FROM THE NATIONAL CONSTITUENCY REGION which the MEP represents; then the MEPs does quite often not really want to get involved with an ‘alien’ citizen from another part of the country.  That is understandable as the MEP should deal with their own regional constituents, not all national constituents.


This coming week at the EU, a lot will be happening to try and get a result with regard this Written Declaration.  On Wednesday 22nd there will be a demonstration and a press conference at Strasbourg.  Invitations have ALREADY been sent out to every MEP asking them to attend this.


On Thursday 23rd, campaigners have been given permission to visit offices of MEPs in Strasbourg and to talk to them directly about the stray and pet written declaration.  If they are lucky they will be allowed to say a few words about why the legislation is so important.  MEPs will be be given a dossier and material on the stray situation throughout Europe.


From information we have now obtained, due to massive amounts of e mails on many subjects and a large workload, many MEPs don’t even know about the existence of this declaration.  But, if they are made aware, then we may have a good chance of getting many of them to support it.


So, if from now we can keep it to regional campaigners contacting their own regional (ie. Constituency) MEPs ONLY in their own country and no other, then we have a much better chance of building up wider support across the EU and getting a result, especially as the EU elections take place in June and then the MEPs will be after YOUR VOTE for them. 


Maybe they can now do something for you in return – ie. sign the declaration !


The following link gives details of how to find your own national and regional (Constituency) MEPs:


First go to


Then click on the map of the country in which you are a citizen.


For some countries, such as France, Italy and the Uk, you will be presented with a list of constituency regions for your country within the EU.

For example:


France : Nord-Ouest has 12 MEPs in the constituency.


Italy : Nord-Occidentale has 23 MEPs in the constituency.


United Kingdom : South West has 7 MEPs in the constituency.



Click specifically on the constituency in which you live.


This will then give another list of all the MEPs who represent that constituency.


Click on each and every one of the names on this list and you will get a personal profile of that MEP.  At THE END (BOTTOM) THERE WILL BE TELEPHONE NUMBERS GIVEN TO CONTACT THAT MEP DIRECT IN BOTH BRUSSLES AND STRASBOURG.  Make sure you note the correct phone number for either Strasbourg or Brussels depending when you are going to telephone.


Important Note – for some member states, there is currently NOT a constituency system in existence.  When you click on your country, you will be given a full list of ALL THE MEPs who represent your member state.;  examples include:


Sweden – 19 Members of the European Parliament


Latvia – 9  Members of the European Parliament


Greece – 24 Members of the European Parliament



The Parliamentarians (MEPs) schedule is a follows for the next couple of weeks; they will be in:


Strasbourg on the 20th – 24th of April,

in Brussels on the 27th – 30th of April

and again in Strasbourg on the 4th – 7th of May.If you can, then please telephone the relevant constituency MEPs at the relevant location (Strasbourg or Brussels) and kindly, politely, ask them to give their support to the Written Declaration for pet and stray animals before the 5th of May.



With luck, this way we will obtain a lot of direct and widespread (international) contact with very many MEPs.  If many of them support our / your request and give their signature to the declaration, then there is every chance that we will be able to easily achieve the number of signatures required for this declaration to continue.


Good Luck and please give it a try – for the stray animals of Europe.

India: Cat (Delhi) and Dog (Mumbai) for Adoption




———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Shweta Khurana <>
Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 1:07 PM

Subject: Fw: beautiful cat for adoption
To: Rishi Dev


A golden and white cat found in Shanti Niketan.  Its very affectionate and needs a home.

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This is Celine, I’m sending a few photos of my dog Charlie.






He’s a toy Pomeranian and is 7 years old..He has epilepsy but only when he is stressed or sick which is twice a year or so .he does not require medication, only at
time of seizures,.


He is not house broken, quite a free spirit, loves to run, but he’s loving, not aggressive  and does not bark a lot.

He’s not been neutered.




Please get back to me if you find someone interested .
Thank you,
Celine D’souza.
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