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Australia: Send an Urgent Message to Federal Agriculture Minister Burke and Ask Him to Ensure That the Killing of Conscious Sheep is Made Illegal in Australia



It’s hard to imagine that the government would even consider making it legal to cut the throats of fully conscious animals in Australia—but they are.

With Middle Eastern importers completely accepting that animals will be stunned unconscious before being killed, there is no need whatsoever for our government to permit this barbaric practice.

Dear friends,

In mid-2007 Animals Australia was shocked to learn that several Victorian abattoirs were exploiting a legal loophole and slaughtering fully conscious sheep (without stunning) for small export contracts to the Middle East—despite this brutal method of slaughter being completely opposed by the Australian public. We immediately alerted former federal Agriculture Minister McGauran, and he in turn called for a review of the practice.

After an excessive delay of more than 18 months, a report will be presented to the Primary Industries Ministerial Council (PIMC) meeting on April 23rd…

Slitting the throats of fully conscious animals is unimaginably cruel. Research conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reveals that sheep remain conscious for up to 20 seconds after their throats are cut. The EFSA concluded that “due to the serious animal welfare issues associated with slaughter without stunning, all animals which are slaughtered should be adequately stunned in a humane way.”

If it is deemed legal by our government to slaughter fully conscious sheep, Australia’s claim to being a ‘world leader’ in animal welfare will be irreparably damaged, replaced instead by knowledge that Australia is prepared to drastically reduce animal welfare standards for the sake of profit. Such a decision will also undermine vital efforts overseas to have pre-slaughter stunning accepted as halal by the entire Muslim community.

Please send an urgent message to Federal Agriculture Minister Burke and ask him to ensure that the killing of conscious sheep is made illegal in Australia.

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Uk: A ‘Thank You’ From Greytexploitations and Video to Watch


A thank you from ‘Greyt Exploitations’

– video to watch, please see below





~ Thank You ~


March has been a dreadful month for greyhounds – you only have to read the catalogue of abuse, neglect, mutilation and murder reported last month to realise greyhounds need our voices more than ever.


As a very small thank you to all supporters who have taken the time to respond to appeals and email various  organisations, we would like to share with you a beautiful video – a small reminder to us all of what we are trying to achieve.


These are the graceful and passive creatures who we seek justice and speak compassionately for.


Sit back, relax and enjoy……….




Thanks to JacksHounds for this inspiring and heartwarming video and of course many thanks to all those who have contributed – no matter how small – to the campaign.






India: Several Dogs Cruelly Treated by Neighbours Requiring Homes


We Have had the following in from Rishi in India; please help if you are able – also spread the word around the networks.

Thanks – SAV.


Hi Rishi,

I got your reference through Smita.

I am in dire need of a loving family/familes for my homeland strays. They are not safe in my neighbourhood as most of the residents here are quite cruel when it comes to parking their cars. They’ve run over the pups and their mother several times.

They are three very social, affectionate and tame pariah family. It started with one female (pepsi) and her daughter (cola) who’s pup (scooby) I’ve kept; he was run over as a pup. Now the Mother (Baby) in the photos is his elder sibling.

Her pics as a pup are there as well nursing on her mother. I want her and her two remaining pups (Gurly & Bear) to be adopted as the other people who are not dog lovers around tend to ill treat them a lot.(Baby’s been run over twice by cars who were parking at a very slow speed and saw her too but didn’t stop). 

Mentioned ahead is the link for their photos apart from the photos attached.




I am based in Kaushambi – East of Delhi, and my cell # is 9810340900.





Cola and Babies Nursing











Baby and Bear