England (Uk): To All Our Friends Who Visit This Site


Hi everyone, and thanks to all of you who have left comments within the posts on the site.

They are all read.  Your involvement is appreciated.

Circumstances dictate that it is impossible to individually respond to everyone that leaves a comment or message, so apologies there.

As this site is run completely for free, including services provided by WordPress, you may find that the site does not appear to be updated quite so often / quickly now.  We have no control over this.

Posts will continue to be added regularly; can we suggest that if you want to catch the latest ‘news’ on our posts, you go to the “Archives” section on the left hand side of the page.  By clicking on the current month, you may find details of additional posts which are not shown when you initially visit the site – ie. Our current header page/post.

Finally, just for the record, SAV is run from just outside South London, in England, the Uk; we are not located within Serbia.

Serbian animal welfare legislation has been amended in the Serbian parliament during the last few weeks (May into June 2009) – we are currently waiting to get full, detailed news and hopefully a translation of the new legislation.  This is why you will find very few posts about Serbian animals on the site at the moment.  We are still, and always will, cover as many global animal welfare issues as possible.

Thanks for your continued support and your work for animals, wherever you are located.  We have a global audience as you can see on the ‘Clustrmap’ located on the pages – http://www4.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?user=9b44b4e0  – so word about issues are becoming very international.

We will attempt to keep the site updated as much as possible, but please remember that everything which is produced here is done on a solely voluteer basis.  So posts are done as and when time and manpower allow.

Thanks again; best regards

Mark – SAV, London.


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