India (01/07): Animals in Need of Homes and Other News






Here is a selection of all the latest things we have had from our animal buddies in India.  Please especially try to help finding homes for all the animals in need – please crosspost widely.  Thanks – SAV.


hey ppl,

here is the adoption update from mumbai-


1. 3 mixed breed female pups around 4.5 months old for adoption with charu shah (vile parle)

2. 3 local pups around 1.5 months old for adoption with namita (charkop, kandivali) there were 4 but 1 got crushed under a car.

3. 6 local pups, 3 boys n 3 girls around 1.5 months old with madu (dombivali)

someone had shown interest in adopting 3, but not replied.

(all these pics can be seen in my blog- and i can b contacted on my mail

4. 2 males n 1 female local pup around 3 months old at bhavans college with amit (9892619518, call after 5 pm)


1. 2 female kittens, golden coloured around 4/5 months old, vaccinated for adoption with gautam.

2. 1 adult male n 1 adult female (operated) around 2 yrs old, vaccinated and sterilised for adoption with gautam. (lokhandwala, andheri)

3. 2 adult males n 1 female (all operated) around 2 yrs old for adoption with amruta (amboli, andheri) it seems her bhabhi is having  a child so they want to give the cats away!

anyone interested, please send me a mail at-


efforts may fail, but do not fail to make an effort!

Animals and humans suffer and die alike. …the same pain, the same spilling of blood, the same stench of death, the same arrogant, cruel, and brutal taking of life. 

First state wide ABC/AR programme in India?

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Purnima Toolsidass <

Please publicise the follwing news frm Sikkm:

I wanted to share our good news from Sikkim with you, and I am hoping
you can help us publicise this throughout India. The Sikkim Anti-Rabies
and Animal Health (SARAH) programme has officially become a separate
Division of the Animal Husbandry Department – see official notification
attached. This is very exciting news indeed for the people and animals
of Sikkim. I believe that this is the first time an animal welfare
programme has been incorporated into the Animal Husbandry Dept – please
let me know if you know of any other states that have done this. I also
believe Sikkim is the first state in India to have a state wide ABC/AR
programme – again please let me know if I am wrong.

This programme has been very successful and appreciated by the public of
Sikkim, but India wide publicity of the good achievements of the
programme has been sorely lacking. I would be so appreciative if you can
suggest how I can rectify this. It will certainly help our future
funding and support if the Government of Sikkim is praised for its
animal welfare activities. I also believe that it is important for
other Indian states to know about this programme as they may wish to
implement similar strategies within their own Animal Husbandry Dept.

I will forward this email to AWBI and Animal People to see if they also
have any suggestions.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards

Dr Beth McGennisken
Project Manager
S.A.R.A.H. (Sikkim Anti Rabies & Animal Health) Programme
Gangtok, India

T (India): +91 97331 50056


More stray dog news articles:


 Zero Rabies city shows the way to small towns

Times of india-chennai 10 june 2009 


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dogs & Pups Mag Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 6:13 PM

Subject: Lab Mix Pup for urgent adoption

Hi friends,

Please help me find home for a very loving female lab mix pup. She’s bout 45 days old.. and loves playing with other dogs and kids… She’s very affectionate and naughty at the same time..

She’s golden in color and has the exact shadings of a labrador…

Lab PupThanks

Take care

Alka Sophia


A new book about Animal rights in Islam published by VDM verlag publishers of Germany

Book can be found at

The book includes Quranic and Hadith?s point of view regarding

Life on Earth
Rights in Islam
Kindness and Treatment towards Animals
Hunting / Killing
Blood Sports
Fighting competitions
Fur and Other Uses of Animals
Overloading / Riding

With clear teachings of Islam and examples from the life of Holy Prophet, I think we should acknoldge and praise the humble effort of the author.

Best regards

Product Description

This book is an effort to highlight the importance and treatment of wildlife according to Islamic injunctions. The need for compiling this work was felt during a country wide campaign that was supervised by the author on behalf of the world society for the protection of animals (WSPA). The campaign was aimed at assessing and curbing bear abuses such as bear baiting, dancing etc. across the country, though the practice is on for centuries in this part of world. It has brought the brown bear population to an alarmingly low level. The three type of wild bears once had profound presence in the different wilds of Pakistan. Out of them, one is already extinct while other two are at the verge of extinction. A common Muslim may not have the slightest idea that Islam strictly prohibits unnecessary loss of wildlife and there are many Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that highlight the conservation of this important aspect of nature. This work is hoped to give at least a basic knowledge to a common Muslim that how Islam deals with the subject. This is an effort to make people understand the importance and rights of animals in the light of Islamic teachings

About the Author

A wildlife biologist and well known field scientist, a strong awareness campaigner, a motivated conservationist and well known bear conservationist for control of bear baiting in Pakistan. Established Bioresource Research Center, in Pakistan, which is only noncommercial and non governmental research in the country, Can be found at

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