Uk: Please Act Immediately to Help Uk Greyhounds – Petition


DEFRA is the Uk Ministry for “Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs”; a formal Uk Government Ministry.  There is very little time left, but please give your support to changing Uk Greyhound legislation by clicking on the ‘rdpa’ link below. 

It literally takes seconds but could make a world of difference for greyhound legislation in the Uk in future.

To see why action needs to be taken for the Greyhounds, please look at the following picture link:  and videos:

There is very little time remaining – please act immediately;

Thanks – SAV.



Defra is running a consultation on greyhound racing.  Current proposals are woefully inadequate and do nothing to tackle the main causes of greyhound suffering. This is your chance to help stop the cruelty.

The proposals include compulsory licensing of tracks, vets to be present at all race events, all dogs to be microchipped and injury records to be kept (but not made public). Although these changes are positive, they do nothing to tackle the main problems such as destruction of dogs deemed not suitable for racing (up to 12,000 per year), poor husbandry, injuries and shortage of homes available for retired dogs.

While the industry is focused on making a profit then the welfare of the dogs will always be neglected, sometimes with horrific consequences.

Please fill out your details and send the message which urges Defra to outlaw betting on greyhound racing, as it has been in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and much of the USA.