USA: Chance to Eliminate Class B Dealers in the United States – Please Take Action Now.





US campaigners.

Please try and give your support to this very special campaign.  Call immediately – see ‘TAKE ACTION’ below.

Thanks – SAV.

Subject: Finally moving to eliminate Class B Dealers in the United States
– please read and ACT!
Date: Sat, July 18, 2009 12:46 pm

Help Finally Ensure Stolen Pets Don’t Wind up in Laboratories

Congress is considering language to settle a decades long battle to prevent
pets acquired by “Class B dealers” from winding up in research labs. Class B
dealers are animal dealers whose operating licenses from the U.S. Department
of Agriculture (USDA) allow them to round up dogs and cats from animal
shelters, auctions, private individuals and other “random sources,” and then
sell them for experimentation.

For years, investigators have documented these dealers abusing dogs and cats
before selling them to research facilities, and USDA has spent an
extraordinary amount of resources trying to keep tabs on them
. Now, the
National Academies of Sciences just issued a report stating that Class B
dealers are not necessary to provide random source dogs and cats for
NIH-funded research.
The report also said that the “USDA simply cannot
assure that stolen or lost pets will not enter research laboratories via the
Class B dealer system.”

With only 11 of these dealers left, and 5 currently under investigation by
the USDA, it’s time to finally put these disreputable middlemen out of


Your U.S. Representative, Betty McCollum, sits on the subcommittee that is
considering this language and is in a critical position to ensure that pets
are protected from abuse and theft for experimentation. Please call Rep.
McCollum at (202) 225-6631 and insist that this language be included to
finally put an end to Class B Dealers.

When you call, you will speak to a staff member who will take your message
and pass it along to your legislator. Please remember to be polite and
professional, and leave your name and address so it is clear that you are a

You can say: “Hello, my name is [your name] and I’m calling
from [your town] to urge Representative McCollum to include language in
the Labor HHS Appropriations bill prohibiting the use of dogs and cats
from Class B dealers for research, to prevent pet theft and abuse.

Thank you.”

“The greatness of a nation and its’ moral progress can be judged by the way
its animals are treated.” Mahatma Ghandi

Serbia: Is Anything Changing for Animals ? – If ‘Yes’, Then Provide Us With A Written Statement of Your Progress, Serbian Government, Possible Future EU Member State !

Serbian flag 2




Serbia Update – 18/07/09




EU membership state policy is supposed to be one of an open policy, providing information, and the rest for citizens to see.  What about Serbia ?

Dear all,

The photographs shown in this post, and many others, have been provided to us this week.  They were taken at the OVCA pound, Belgrade during the past few weeks.

Please take time to read the PR issued by the RSPCA in April 2009 after their meeting with President Tadic (of Serbia), and being given assurances (by the President and Ministers) of better animal welfare procedures within the country.  A copy is given by accessing the following link, or a copy is given directly at the end of this current post.


Well the news from Serbia at the moment is very limited with regard the new animal welfare legislation and how it is affecting animals.  SAV wrote to the RSPCA, Uk, on 22nd June (06) 09 asking if information can be provided by them in relation to what exactly the new Serbian animal welfare legislation means for stray and roaming animals now residing in city pounds.

As of today, 18/07/09, mid July, we have been provided with NO written response from the RSPCA in relation to what the Serbian government are actually doing to support their words detailed in the Press Release of 23rd April 2009.

No accurate and informative information is being provided to welfare organisations in relation to what is happening in Serbia today.

But now we do have access to the following photographs taken at the infamous OVCA pound, Belgrade, Serbia, on 14/07/09:

OVCA Belgrade Link :



18/07/09 – SAV have written once again to the RSPCA International’s Senior Programme Manager for Europe, asking for an accurate and informative information as to what exactly is happening in relation to the new Serbian animal welfare legislation (of June 09) and the treatment of stray and pound animals within Serbia.

Via our internal Serbian campaigners, copies of this post will also be sent directly to the Serbian Government and Ministries responsible for animal welfare issues. 

We have asked the RSPCA International to kindly provide a response to us before the end of July (07) 2009, as most of you, our global supporters and campaigners, wish to know if the words of the Serbian government in the PR of 23/04/09 are actually materialising into action, or if they are words which in reality, aspire to nothing, no change for the animals in city / government pounds.

We require answers to the photographs shown in the above link and we are determined to get them.  It is now down to all parties involved with the PR of 23rd April (See below) to provide gloabal campaigners with an update on what is happening for animals within Serbia. 

No information breeds misinformation and it breeds anger.


Time for the parties involved at the original meeting of 23rd April to inform the waiting world what progress IS actually happening.  Without accurate information to substantiate the declarations made in the formal Press Release of 23rd April, we can only assume that the new pictures of 14th July 09 from OVCA Belgrade actually show the ‘progress’ which has been made for Serbian animals;

That could mean nothing different now from that of the past.

We will provide updates on this important issue as soon as we are provided with information from anyone.


As stated, we simply require regular information from parties involved, which includes the Serbian government, to inform us what is happening.  If they do not provide this information, then we can only go with the info and photographs we ARE provided with. 

Responsibility now lies with all these parties to continue from where they started – the Press Release !

Serbian government, RSPCA International; please provide us with up to date information of what is happening across Serbia for stray and roaming/shelter animals.  We are not asking for the world, just a fairly basic question !

Please use the following link to find global Serbian embassies.

Please feel free to copy this post, especially the OVCA, Belgrade pound photographs link –  – , and send to the Serbian embassy in your country, asking them to provide accurate and up to date information on the new Serbian animal welfare legislation; especially that about the animals in OVCA pound, Belgrade.

Thank You.





RSPCA Press Release:

President of Serbia meets with RSPCA ahead of firstanimal welfare law 

Thursday, 23, Apr 2009 12:00 

Serbia has today signalled its intent to improve animal welfare following a meeting between the country’s president and the RSPCA, ahead of the introduction of new legislation to better protect animals next month .  

RSPCA International’s Senior Programme Manager for Europe, Alexandra Hammond-Seaman met President Tadic after Serbia joined a long line of countries worldwide signing a petition calling for a Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare.  

Alexandra said: “It was a great honour to meet President Tadic and discuss such a vitally important issue. The Minister for Agriculture, Saša Dragin signed the petition and confirmed that Serbia will be adopting its first animal welfare framework law in May.”  

Serbia is a potential country to join the European Union, and this move will allow the country to harmonise with current EU legislation on animal welfare.  

The animal welfare framework law covers all species, and includes research animals, the protection of farm animals, transport and slaughter and the protection of wildlife in captivity, as well as forbidding wild animals in circuses.  

After the adoption of this law Serbia will adopt the full EU legal framework on animal welfare into national legislation, as one of the prerequisites in the process towards the EU integration.  

Alexandra added “RSPCA International has been actively engaged with Serbia for over five years now, by providing assistance and training with issues such as dog population control and stray dog management. We also work very closely with Serbian government agencies and the veterinary profession on improving farm animal welfare in the Country. We look forward to continuing to play a central role in helping to enforce the law.”  

RSPCA International attended the meeting with another non-governmental organisation, the Organisation for Respect and Care for Animals (ORCA) which has in the past worked in Serbia to promote responsible pet ownership.  
















Campaigners in Serbia have written very recently to ask the government about the new animal welfare legislation and its implementation, complete with a request for public information.

Did government inspectors demand to the 135 communities that they make a programme for the numbers control of stray cats and dogs ? – in agreement with Article 54 of the law for animal welfare ?

If the municipalities have not made this plan, then as we understand, and in agreement with Article 83, the inspectors can directly punish those responsible for not making the plan, with a fine of 10,000 to 50,000 dinar.

This information will be provided to the EU Parliament immediately.

As stated above, we have asked questions; now we require formal WRITTEN answers from the Serbian government. 

Verbal assurances and promises from the government are not adequate. 

Only written responses will suffice.


Ministarstvo poljoprivrede šumarstva i vodoprivrede Republike Srbije, Beograd

Veterinarska inspekcija Ministarstva poljoprivrede šumarstva i vodoprivrede, Beograd

Republička veterinarska inspekcija, Subotica-

Republička veterinarska inspekcija, Beograd-

14.7.2009.  18.7.2009.

Predmet : Zahtev ovlašćenom licu  Ministarstva poljoprivrede-Sektora  veterinarske inspekcije u skladu sa Zakonom o slobodnom pristupu informacijama od javnog značaja  da  , u zakonskom roku do 15 dana  , na adresu u potpisu, dostavi tražiocima  sledeće informacije i  kopije dokumentacije:

1.  Da li  je organ jedinice lokalne samouprave   Subotica  i  svih 135  lokanih samouprava Republike Srbije  i grada Beograda  izradio,  i da li sprovodi ,  u skladu sa Zakonom o dobrobiti i Zakonom o veterinarstvu :  

 Program kontrole i smanjena brojnosti populacije pasa/mačakabez  ubijanja , zbrinjavanjem ovih životinja ( s obzirom da metodu kontrole brojnosti : ubijanjem  i/ili  napuštanjem tj. izbacivanjem na ulice  , važeći zakoni  Rep.Srbije krivično-prekršajno sankcionišu )   .

2.  Dostavite  fotokopiju Programa kontrole i smanjena brojnosti populacije pasa/mačaka  organa jedinice lokalne samouprave  Subotica,  i svih 135 lokalnih samouprava i Grada Beograda koji je  izradjen i koji  se sprovodi  ,  primenjuje  u skladu sa važećim Zakonom o dobrobiti životinja i  svim  ostalim  zakonima Rep.Srbije , koji po Ustavu RS moraju  biti u  medjusobnoj harmoniji   – a  nadzor   čijeg  dono[enja ,postojanja  i primenjivanja je u nadležnosti  područno-nadležne Rep.veterinarske inspekcije , čiji rad  je  pak pod nadzorom i koordinacijom  Sektora veterinarske inspekcije Ministarstva poljoprivrede Republike Srbije , Beograd Omladinskih brigada 1.        

3.  Ukoliko organ jedinice lokalne samouprave, Subotica i svih 135 lokalnih samouprava i Grada Beograda  ne poseduje  i samim tim ne  primenjuje Program kontrole  brojnosti i smanjenja populacije  kućnih ljubimaca –bez ubijanja  tj  zbrinjavanjem   tj.ukoliko  odgovorno lice  organa jedinice lokalne  samouprave  Subotica i svih 135  lokalnih samouprava Rep Srbije i Grada Beograda ne postupa po Zakonu o dobrobiti životinja koji nalaže izradu ovog Programa , a važeći je od 10.6.2009.  , da li je   nadležna Rep veterinarska inspekcija naložila  lokalnoj samoupravi Subotica  i  svim  odgovornim licima u 135 lokalnih samouprava i Gradu Beogradu   : postupanje po  clanu 54,  članu 66. stav 2   i 67. Zakona o dobrobiti životinja – s obzirom da se  rok od 3 godine  ne odnosi na  ove članove Zakona o dobrobiti životinja  nego se daje samo  i isključivo za uskladjivanje rada   prihvatilišta s  odredbama ovog zakona – kao što nalaže  Zakon o dobrobiti životinja    članom 87.  , i taj  se rok ne odnosi  ni na jedan drugi postupak naložen ovim Zakonom .

4. Dostavite Rešenje kojim je  Rep.veterinarska inspekcija  naložila  lokalnoj samoupravi Subotica  i svim  lokalnim samoupravama u Srbiji  – 135 plus Grad Beograd -postupanje po članu 54. ,  članu 66. i  članu 67.   Zakona o dobrobiti životinja , po kojima  organ jedinice lokalne samouprave dužan postupati od 10.6.2009. ,  ili  u protivnom  , kao što kaznenin odredbama  nalaže  Zakon o dobrobiti životinja ,odgovorno lice ovog organa – odgovorno za ovu oblast , pa i za donošenje i primenjivanje zakonitog Programa kontrole  i smanjenja populacije napuštenih pasa i mačaka , podleže kaznenim odredbama   definisanim članom  83. Zakona o dobrobiti životinja(  ili pak ,nepostupanjem po službenoj dužnosti   i ne nalaganjem  izrade i primenjivanja  zakonitog  ili tolerisanjem nezakonitog Programa  kontrole  i smanjenja brojnosti populacije pasa i mačaka   -područno nadležni Rep veter.inspektor podleže  disciplinskom postupku  i krivičnom gonjenju zbog  nepostupanja po službenoj dužnosti  usled nepreduzimanja mera- ukoliko  mere ne  preduzima , u ovom , kao i u svim drugim slučajevima ).

5. Ukoliko je organ jedinice lokalne samouprave Subotica  i svih 135  jedinica lokalne samouprave i Grada Beograda  izradio Program kontrole i smanjenja  brojnosti populacije pasa/mačaka –  bez ubijanja i bez izbacivanja na ulicu – jer su isti  u suprotnosti sa  važećim zakonima Rep Srbije  – dostavite  informaciju : kojom drugom  metodom,    smanjuje  brojnost populacije ovih životinja(  s obzirom  na činjenicu da  su  stalni  glavni izvor novih jedinki :  nesterilisani  vlasnički psi/mačke .)

Napomena radi pojašnjenja ovlašćenom licu za postupanje po Zakonu o slobodnom pristupu informacijama od javnog značaja  : 

Prelazne i završne odredbe definisane  stavom 2 člana 87.  odnose se  samo na  uskladjivanje rada prihvatilišta  sa Zakonom o dobrobiti životinja, jer  postojanje prihvatilišta  i zbrinjavanje je  naloženo  još  2 11.2005. , članom 46. Zakona o vet.– tj.  :  članom 87. Zakona o dobrobiti životinja  zakonodavac  daje   rok do 3  godine  za  uskladjivanje rada samog  prihvatilišta sa  ovim Zakonom  i budućim podzakonskim aktima ,   – što ne odlaže  obaveze postupanja  svih subjekata  po svim ostalim  nalozima Zakona o dobrobiti životinja  i  svih ostalih zakona Rep.Srbije  koji se tiču životinja ( Zakon o veterinarstvu- od 2.11.2005.  , Krivični zakon  RS  od 1.1.2006.)  , –  stoga :

nema zakonske osnove za  odlaganje obaveze  postupanja  lokalne samouprave po članu 54. i 66.  stav 2 ,  i 67 . ovog  Zakona, kao ni za odlaganje  postupanja po nalogu  člana 46.  i 138. Zakona o veterinarstvu  važećeg  od 2. 11.2005.  godine.

Zakon ne dozvoljava odlaganje , jer  svako odlaganje povećava  neopravdane  troškove iz lokalnih budžeta i budžeta grada Beograda  i dovodi do ponavljanja  dugogodišnjih promašenih investicija i rasipanja javnog  novca u ovoj oblasti, kako na finansiranje nezakonitog rada  šinterskih  timova(  hvatači pasa -radnici  javnih komunalnih preduzeća  plus veterinari koji vrše masovna ubijanja  plaćena javnim novcem ,pod  licemernim  i netačnim nazivom “eutanazija” i   “trijaža”)  koji ne mogu staviti pod nadyor piramidu reprodukcije pasa i mačaka , tako i na  održavanje opasnosti od povredjivanja gradjana ujedima i  isplate  milionskih svota odštetnih zahteva ujedenih gradjana – opet iz  javne kase – što nije motivisalo  na yakonito ponašanje, Budući da je sada preciyirano da  je odgovrnost lična – odredjenog  lica  u organu jedinice lokalne samouprave i Grada Beograda i  odredjenog  rep vet inspektora-  to očekujemo pomak s mrtve tačke , zakonito  eliminisanje problema ili  zakonito sankcionisanje odgovornih zbog  njihovog eventualnog nepostupanja.

S poštovanjem

Društvo prijatelja životinja Prijatelj-EPAR/OIPA Srbija/Alijansa za prava životinja