Greece / Uk: FREE Download of Greek Tragedy Song By Maria Daines and Paul Killington




‘Greek Tragedy’  song available for FREE download by the brilliant ‘Maria Daines’ and ‘Paul Killington’- please download and share to help the greek animals.

Please help spread the word and awareness to the plight of animals in Greece

‘Greek Tragedy’ available for FREE download

The hard-hitting and very moving song GREEK TRAGEDY, written by Maria Daines and performed by her and guitarist Paul Killington, was inspired by the story of ‘Boney Fingers’, a very thin hunting dog rescued on 25 March in Kavala, northern Greece.  Now called BONNIE, the dog made a full recovery and her future is secure.

 Then ……….










 ……. Now.

Please download the song and share it and I urge our Greek animal friends to send the links to their local radio and TV stations. Please help spread the word and awareness to the plight of animals in Greece.

Further info and song words can be viewed by visiting:

Warm regards,


Please help to raise money for Greek Animal Rescue with





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