HSBC Boss Tells The World They Are Protecting Forests – Action: Mail Him and Tell Him He Is Wrong !



Hi Mark,

Wow – the boss of HSBC was just grilled about forest destruction in front of CEOs and Prime Ministers.[1] He knows that thousands of people like you have seen the footage and spoken up – yet he had the cheek to tell an audience that HSBC is properly protecting forests. It’s time to tell him that we know the truth – with thousands and thousands of emails in his inbox.


He’ll be hoping that this campaign – and his embarrassing public grilling at the biggest economic meeting in the calendar – has gone unnoticed. So let’s prove the exact opposite.

Can you send the boss of HSBC an email right now to prove the world is watching – and demanding he protects forests?




The fact that the head of HSBC was quizzed in front of world leaders shows just how much pressure we’re piling on the bank together – a mere week after we started campaigning.


To make matters worse for HSBC, our campaign has unleashed a storm of media articles in Europe, Australia and Asia shaming one of the world’s biggest banks with just the kind of publicity it didn’t want. The pressure is building – so there’s no way we can give HSBC a break now.

The boss of HSBC told the audience last week that the bank is “a potential force for good.” But we know there’s nothing good about pumping hundreds of millions into palm oil companies destroying forests.[2] Don’t let the boss of a billion dollar bank get away with weasel words – please send HSBC an email calling on it to stop funding forest destruction.


Thanks for taking a stand,

Max, Jonathan, Bev, James and the whole team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific

[1] Stuart Gulliver, HSBC CEO, was quizzed at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week. He was on a panel with Al Gore and the Prime Minister of Norway. You can watch the relevant section of the footage here:
[2] Here’s the full Greenpeace report on HSBC and other banks involvement in forest
destruction for palm oil: 




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