India: By Rishi Dev, Citizens For Animal Rights – An Explanation of a Part of the W.H.O. Report Regarding SELF REGULATION OF DOG POPULATION









An explanation of a part of the W.H.O. report regarding SELF REGULATION OF DOG POPULATION

 W.H.O. REPORT says –

The “logistic growth” of population of dogs is due to the self defined “carrying capacity” of the environment which regulates the “life expectancy” of the dog population. And that the mortality rate of litter is much much higher than the survival rate, which keeps the population from exploding.

ALSO ANY ” REDUCTION IN POPULATION IS RAPIDLY COMPENSATED BY BETTER REPRODUCTION AND SURVIVAL”, as when the population is less the carrying capactiy increases and the resources of the micro habitat increases…. i.e. why mass killing also fails. 



1 dog responsible for 60,000 to 70,000 dogs in a life time

In one year 1 Dog = 2 x 6-8 litter = 12-16 dogs directly plus 6-8 x 6-8 = 36-64 dogs indirectly ( these next set of 6-8 dogs are from the litter that the first offspring produce in their first heat ) = 48-80 dogs in one year

So, if one dog “theoretically” should produce 80 dogs in one year, then by using formulae of Permutation and combination the –

SAY 4,00,000 dogs in Delhi should produce –

                        3.2 crore dogs in            FIRST year

                        256 crore dogs in             SECOND year

                        and so on

basically the dog population should explode in a few years alone.


Yet the population only increases by say 1.2 times and not 150000 times.

So what does this prove ??

That the Survival Rate of dogs is 0.156% only. And that nature controls the population on its own.

This happens because the Carrying Capacity of the micro habitat & the Mortality Rate is defined by factors such as –

a)                  Food source – garbage dumps and human feeding.

{ Note : Since there is always a “minimum” food available with nature and by human wastes, hence there will never be a situation when “no” food is available to dogs. But if they feed on garbage then they protect garbage from us and become a threat to us. Also there will be inter species fights and the dogs will fight each other also for gaining control over the garbage. But if we have proper “waste disposal management” then the unlimited supply of food will end the most dogs will migrate. The remaining can be fed by humans so they start protecting and recognizing humans as their primary food source. In that case these dogs won’t let any other dog come in that area for fear of sharing the limited food. This is domestication of street dogs to control their own population & reduce threats. }

b)                  Space – covered and uncovered spaces

c)                  Medical support – artificial and green areas

d)                  Restriction of movement and other threats like vehicles, other packs of dogs and other animals.

Thus, there are forces other than human intelligence that are at work – NATURES BASIC Laws and Principals of survival.(this hold true for any species.)

Hence, by Waste Control & Disposal Management, Community level Adoption, Manual Feeding, Vaccination, Sterilization, Training ( in the same order) one can define the carrying capacity of the environment for a species such as dogs. This will “stabilize” the population for 8-12 years. But it will never ever “completely eliminate” the species as is commonly believed. Once these dogs will die in 8-10 years, limited migration of dogs into these “dog vacuum spaces” will happen and the same process will have to be repeated again. But since the death and replacement is uneven and slow the effect will not be felt at mass scale.

MASS EUTHANASIA or KILLING – does not have the same effect as above for many reasons. Looking at it purely in the light of factors considered above, then killing/ euthanasia fails as it creates “unbalanced”, “unnatural” and “large” vacuums which allows “disproportionate” migration of dogs.

Whereas, in the above case the migration happens only of selected dogs which have better survival instincts and are more healthier, in the case of mass euthanasia “all” dogs including the unhealthy ones migrate in as the “logistic increase” in resources happens suddenly. Moreover, the concept of dogs guarding their own territory from other dogs does not work in mass killing and they pour in like water in an empty bucket.

Apart from the above reasons the mass euthanasia or killing is impractical, expensive, extremely slow at large scale, thus leading to no effect in totality as dogs migrate much faster and longer distances than humans can kill.

This is true for all species including humans.

Also while killing is going on the Animal Birth Control Program and Immunisation is off, hence population continues to increase at an alarming rate, as nature automates the process of reproduction if any species is under treat. It is because the “carrying capacity” of the environment increase and the ‘natural mortality rate’ decreases. So population remains same or increases.

Rishi Dev,

Citizens For Animal Rights (CFAR),
New Delhi.

Article 51A of the Indian Constitution . . .
” It shall be the duty of every citizen of India . . .  to have compassion for all living creatures . . .  ”




Time for an end to global pictures like these – dogs being rounded up, put into pounds and then slaughtered.

RESULT ? – NO REDUCTION in stray animals numbers; whatever the governments say !

Ignorant, self opinionated and misinformed Governments and authorities need to take responsible action for stray animal management and numbers control.

“mass euthanasia or killing is impractical, expensive, extremely slow at large scale, thus leading to no effect in totality as dogs migrate much faster and longer distances than humans can kill”.  


Thanks Rishi.



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