Uk: Horse Trader Faces Bail Breach Charge – Update **

UNKG0001The on-going saga of James (Jamie) Gray; originally convicted of animal cruelty, has now taken another turn this week.  Gray, who was photographed by a Uk newspaper attending a horse fair during the last week, therefore broke his bail conditions set at his original trial. 

On Friday 17th, Gray handed himself in to the police. 

Please see the latest news in the following articles.  SAV.


Our original post on the horse abuses:

Update Latest Source:

 Horse trader faces bail breach charge

2:46pm Monday 20th July 2009

By Andy Carswell »

A 45-YEAR-OLD convicted of animal cruelty has been charged with breaching his bail conditions.

jamie gray

James Gray, of Chalk Lane, Hyde Heath, was photographed at a horse fair just days after being granted bail when he appealed against his conviction for animal cruelty.

Gray’s bail conditions – given after he appealed against a 24-week prison sentence for nine counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals and two charges of failing to protect animals from pain, injury, suffering and disease – stated he could not control, own or deal with equines.

He appeared before Aylesbury Magistrates Court on Friday, after handing himself in at Amersham police station earlier the same day.

During the hearing he was found guilty of two breaches of bail but cleared of two other similar offences.

A further hearing will be heard at the town’s Crown Court. No date has been set for the next hearing.

Gray was granted further bail with six conditions, including not to keep any horse or equine and not to be within 100 yards of any horse or equine except at his home address.

He is also barred from attending any stable or other venue currently used to house horse or equines and from attending any horse or equine fair or any other event, public or private, at which any horse or equine are present.

Gray must also live and sleep in a caravan at his property and present himself to a police officer in uniform on request. Magistrates also imposed a curfew from 11pm until 5am.

And the reason why he faces bail breach charge !!


Exposed: Horse thug at it again


CALLOUS Jamie Gray Jnr – convicted of grisly neglect at his family’s horse farm – puts every ounce of strength into dragging an unwilling nag into a trailer.

The burly 16-year-old tugged on a makeshift bridle of blue rope at a horse market, despite being banned from keeping the animals for ten years.

The snaps were taken the day after he and his father Jamie Gray Snr, 45, were exposed by The Sun inspecting horses at the dealers’ fair.

 gray horse pull

** Caught … Tuesday’s Sun – Jamie Gray Jnr

Last night an onlooker said: “It was horrible to watch. The animal clearly didn’t want to be anywhere near the lad.

“The boy looked completely unaffected by the court case and spent a couple of hours at the fair. He was quite happily getting on with his work, moving horses between trailers and speaking to other horse traders.”

The Grays were convicted last month of cruelty at Spindle Farm near Amersham, Bucks. The nation was shocked as details emerged of one of the worst cases of neglect to date seen by the RSPCA.

Its inspectors found more than 100 sick or starving horses.

Rottweilers had feasted on the rotting carcasses of 32 more – and bones, skulls and hooves were piled high.

Locals claimed father-of-three Gray Snr had mowed down sick nags for fun in his 4×4. Five rescued horses later had to be put down.

Gray Snr was jailed for six months but was freed after four days when he launched an appeal.

He was ordered in the meantime not to have anything to do with horses.

Yet on Sunday The Sun photographed him and his son back at Langley Market near Slough, Berks – popular with farmers and gipsies.

And on Wednesday they were there for the third time in seven days.

This time Gray Snr kept a low profile throughout the day after arriving in his gold coloured 4×4.

But his son was seen leading a number of horses around a muddy field.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary – still caring for 29 of the family’s horses and a donkey foal 18 months after the rescue – said: “Quite frankly, this beggars belief.”

The RSPCA said it could not comment ahead of the appeal, but said it was working with police to see if bail conditions had been breached.


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