Croatia: Abuse And Torture Of Dogs In Roma Villages.




English Translation :

Jasna has asked about Mediumurje which is quite close to Varazdin.


“Due to articles in the national and international media, TV, Radio, and newspapers there was a public outcry about the fate of these dogs. The Croatian Ministry has ordered control in these villages  and These took place.

A number of dogs were confiscated and placed into the care of national animal rescue shelters, some also into ours Asyl SPAS (e.g. the Rottweiler dog Safira who was so emaciated she was taken to a vet clinic and will stay in our shelter).

The Croatian authorities are actively to change the conditions and stop animal abuses there. They promised to take care of the dogs castrations and chipping and take away any dog that is not properly treated or kept.

The Ministry confirmed it is in their interest to cooperate with the local animal rescue organisations. Something good has started and we hope it will continue.

We shall watch the situation and keep you up-to-date.

Kind regards, Jasna.” Unquote.

Message sent by :

Gabriele Fuge LESIKA – Hundehilfe Varaždin e.V.


To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;



To :

Chief Mayor Matija Posavec

Chief Franjo Bukal

Mayor Stjepan Kovac

Chief Darko Dania

Chief Visnja Ivacic

Mayor Drazen Srpak

Chief Josip Lepen

Chief Dragutin Lisjak

Chief Vladimir Domjanic

Chief Mario Mohari

Chief  Ljubomir Grgec


Dear Sir,


In the county of Medimurje , Croatia evidence has come to light of the most heinous acts of animal cruelty  being carried out by the Roma community who inhabit 12 villages within this region.

Some examples are:

  • Illegal dog fighting is a daily occurrence – The authorities and Police do nothing

  • Puppies and dogs being barbarically hit across heads with bricks/shovels by gypsy children and left to die – The authorities and Police do nothing

  • Animals tied with rope and dragged behind bikes and cars for entertainment – The authorities and Police do nothing

  • Animals regularly hung from trees and fences, laughed at as they writhe around terrified and dying – The authorities and Police do nothing

  • Regular rapeing of animals is deemed normal behavior among the community, puppies daily are raped by children and young teens, larger and older dogs tied down and raped by adults – The authorities and Police do nothing

  • Carcasses of animals with their genitalia sliced off, throats sliced open can be seen laying around the villages like refuse – The authorities and Police do nothing

  • Animals legs tied with rope and strong, then attachd to bikes and cars dragged along in races – The authorities and Police do nothing

The news recently visited one of these villages and the reporter witnessed itself the horror of the situation. Click here to watch the report (Warning graphic and disturbing footage) For all these reasons we the undersigned demand  that Chief Mayor Matija Posavec does

    1. To immediately stop the abuse and torture of animals within its villages by actually arresting, charging the criminals and removing the abused animals.

    2. To stop immediately dog fights and to arrest, charge the organisers/spectators to seize the animals used as bait and for fighting and work with local NGO’s to rehabilitate and provide veterinary care

    3. Order an investigation into the 12 regions under his authority and city hall officials that have deliberately disobeyed Croatian laws and failed the people they were voted in to serve.

    4. To investigate all claims of animal cruelty and order his police force to make arrests and charge appropriately the abusers. (If the police refuse to go into these villages then send the army)

    5. To collaborate , support and fund local non profit groups to benefit the animals and also the gypsy community

    6. To collaborate with outside agencies such as the UK charity Action Aid for Animals who are ready, willing and able to coordinate and organise sterilisation , chipping and vaccination programs along with local NGOs and rescuers and implement education programs and community initiatives for the gypsy children and youth.

    7. To fund and build a rescue shelter specifically for the animals within the 12 villages and to allow local NGOs to manage this with on going funding and support from local city halls.

      Sincerely,   Your name and nationality.


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