Serbia: 02/07/12 – More News and Photos From Danica At Felix Shelter. Can You Help With A Donation Towards Roof Repairs ? – Thank You.

Recent SAV link to other news and photos from Shelter Felix: 

Here is some more news and photographs from Danica at Felix Shelter, regarding additional roofing problems which have now surfaced.  Please support the repair work in any way that you can – donation info is given below.

Hi, Mark

Regarding repairs, I’m copying the most important part of my blog post. 

“The roofing repairs began last weekend. There’s obviously something horribly wrong with the roof – as soon as the workers started to fix it, a hole opened in the kitchen ceiling. The entire roof structure is worn out and some of the roof rafters are half rotten.  There’s a crack in the major roof support beam which holds up the middle portion of the roof and carries the load.  Plus everything needs to be fixed before winter!

The strengthening of the roof structure will be done by installing additional support.  There is another problem with the eaves that will need to be replaced entirely. 

However, supporting the existing roof is just a temporary solution. I hope to replace the entire roof next year, thus solving the problem once and for all.”

There is always too much to do and not enough money to do it with…

All my new kitties are doing well, Alethe’s babies are getting bigger every day and Giuseppe and Klea are having the time of their lives in my backyard. Little Kami is in the house and she is already spoiled rotten.

I’m sending you some photos and wishing you good night.

Hugs to your precious girls,

Warmest regards





Above 3 Photos – Danica Works Non Stop to Help the Cats

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