USA: POTUS Joe Biden Urged To Shift To Plant-Centered Food System To Combat Climate Change.

POTUS Joe Biden Urged To Shift To Plant-Centered Food System To Combat Climate Change

The politician is under pressure to transform the US food system leading up to his first ever climate summit as President on Earth Day

POTUS Joe Biden Urged To Shift To Plant-Centered Food System | Plant Based News

POTUS Joe Biden is being urged to shift to a plant-centered food system to ‘combat climate change‘.

To mark Earth Day (April 22) the politician is hosting his first climate summit as President. There, he will discuss the ‘urgency of stringer climate action’ with 40 world leaders.

POTUS Joe Biden

Biden has also announced a $2 trillion proposal to ‘strengthen infrastructure while also tackling climate change’.

However, the plan does not include the promotion of animal-free food or support farmers in transitioning from traditional animal agriculture to plant-based production.

As a result, non-governmental organization ProVeg International has created a petition, calling on the politician to shift to a plant-centered food system.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered more than 1,500 signatures already. 

‘A terrifying prospect in climate change’

Moreover, Michael Webermann is the US Executive Director of ProVeg International. In a statement sent to PBN, he said: “To discuss environmental crises without centering food production is to wilfully avoid the facts.

“What we eat affects not just climate change, but the biggest issues facing the planet, including pandemic risks, deforestation, antibiotic resistance, and food insecurity. 

“For instance, the FAO tells us that if 40 percent of all crops produced for feeding animals were used directly for human consumption, we could feed nine billion people by 2050. One has to ask when policy will reflect the urgency of this situation?”

Webermann then concluded: “We’re facing a terrifying prospect in climate change, but in diet change lies a real solution. 

“Plant-centered diets, if adopted by many, could be the key to this crisis. We have scientific consensus. Biden’s plans must reflect it.”

You can sign ProVeg International’s petition here

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