Something ‘Non Animal’ for You to Think About Just for a Change !

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International: GET CLICKING to Save the Animals, Rainforests and Oceans !!

We cannot stress what a big part you can play EVERY DAY by taking part in the ‘Care2’ Free donation ‘one click’ scheme. 

We have provided links to all the animal and environmental issues below; so by following the information here below you can create a shortcut:

** To create a shortcut on your computer:

Simply click on each or selected ‘categories’ link(s) in turn below,

when the click/donation image appears, just RIGHT click on your mouse and move the cursor up to ‘Create shortcut’. 

Then Left click and the shortcut will be automatically created on your desktop screen;

a butterfly image will then appear in Green with the wording for the particular cause underneath.

THEN, each and every day when then you then get up and running on your pc; simply click on each butterfly (your shortcuts) in turn, and just with one click in the window, you can buy (free food for animals in shelters, can feed primates, can protect the worlds oceans or do your bit to save the beautiful wolf). 

There are many more, so please access the links and select !

You are entitled to one click in each ‘project’ every day (per email address); so over a period of weeks or months you personally can make a huge difference to many projects.  Take a look at our ‘Clustrmap’ of the world on the left and see how many international visitors we have to the site.  Just imagine the result if even half of these supporters made it a regular thing to free click and donate to worthy causes now !

So please get clicking and SAVE SOMETHING.

Crosspost to all your friends, family and childrens schools.


Main Index Link:

 Categories Links: (you can do all of them ONCE every day)