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India: (24/09/09) – Lots of Beauties Looking for Homes or Help – Can You ?






———- Forwarded message ———-
From: richa misra <richa1_misra1@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 2:20 PM
Subject: Goldy


Hi All,
We are looking for a home for Goldy a 2 month old female pup(indian mix).She is as cute as a button and full of beans.She has beautiful eyes which melt your heart when you gaze into them.

The Pictures say it all !!

So, if anyone has a place in their heart and home for her…please contact 9811105245.

best regards



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: sunaina <sunaina.y@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 6:13 PM
Subject: Chicken and Dodo for adoption in Delhi

Anyone out there who may be interested in giving these dogs a loving
forever home?

Chick and Dodo

Read the following email and call Mou if interested. Or else please
forward this email to animal lovers around Delhi who maybe interested.

Thanks much


Dear Folks,

Please assist in finding good foster home for this brother & sister
pair. Would insist the dogs remain together. They are next to my
immediate complex ie Mount Kailash. I have kept their mother with me.
When these pups were born, Amrita kept these dogs despite vehement and
vicious acts by the neighbours and her mother itself. In a few months,
an outside shed was made and the dogs are there tied down 24×7. Then
Amita chose to get married last and left the dogs in the care of her
mother and father under the same shed tied 24×7. Now the mother and
father wish to relocate to Chandigarh. They intend to release the dogs
on the street once they leave.
Imagine my helplessness. I have a month’s time & a few days here and there.

I remain yours not so happy person as of now

Warm regards
Mou (9818459998)

Chick and Dodo


Dorothy Ghosh <dorothy_neel@yahoo.co.in>


Please help me find home for them. They are rescued but now under good care in my apartment.

All Images are downloadable so that you can put them into your website as well, if you want.

Thanks a million in advance.

Warm Regads,


Cute and Adorable Indian Pups

Need Home

Contact: Dorothy Ghosh, New Delhi
Mobile: 09818911612, 09871777471

Pup_1_1_EnlargedMale, 4 weeks old
Colour: Black with white patches on chin and rear paws 


Male, 4 weeks old
Colour: Brown with white nose and paws 


Male, 4 weeks old
Colour: Grayish Brown with white nose and paws 


Female, 4 weeks old
Colour: Black with white patches on nose and paws


Female, 3+1/2 weeks old
Colour: Dark brown 


Female, 3+1/2 weeks old
Colour: Brown 


Female, 3+1/2 weeks old
Colour: Black 

All pups are healthy, dewormed and are under good care.



Click on the images to see an enlarged view






























 hi friends,

i just got a call from hilaur from lokhandwala. he has picked up a kitten around 3/4 months old from a local train yesterday night, and needs someone to adopt or foster it immediately. his father is hospitalised and coming back home, and his wife is not too happy with the kitten. the kitten also seems to have some problem as it is vomiting and has loose motions (most probably worms).

if someone can foster the kitten till we get in a home, please call hilaur 9819556999.

he dosent mind paying a small amount to someone who can keep it for a month or so (max around 1000/ 1500).

please spread the email and help the kitten get a safe place by tomorow- 24 sept, or it will have to be left at a shelter or worse on road!



efforts may fail, but do not fail to make an effort!

“Monitor alone uses more than half of computer’s total power. I choose to switch off the monitor everytime I take a break.”



Animals and humans suffer and die alike. …the same pain, the same spilling of blood, the same stench of death, the same arrogant, cruel, and brutal taking of life. 


 Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 19:05:05 +0530
Subject: Pics of 4 year old Tibetan Spaniel – Contact – 9711182007



Browny (Tibetan spaniel) who is Male and is 4 years old. He has been thoroughly vaccinated and is now due for vaccination in December 2009.  

Keen to gift him to a family and would like to ensure that he is being well looked after.


Dilpreet Narang

Contact – 9711182007



From: Sadhwi Sondhi <sadhwi.doglovers@gmail.com>
Subject: [animalwelfare-india] female pup – new delhi [2 Attachments]
To: “animal welfare group” <animalwelfare-india@yahoogroups.com>
Date: Wednesday, 23 September, 2009, 4:20 PM

Hi Friends,

I have a mixed breed pup, 2 months old, black n grey, healthy, active
n vaccinated is looking for a home.
She is currently being taken care of by a lady doc but doc wont be
able to keep her as a pet.

Urgently looking for a family to adopt her. She is adorable but she
met with a small accident recently n has hurt one of her hind legs.
She is almost well now. You can take her from East of Kailash area in
South Delhi.

Plz contact 9818209711 or 9818282166 immediately.

Warm Regards,

Siddharth Sibal

Pictures Attached

Sadhwi Sondhi

http://www.straysrhot. blogspot. com
http://www.saiashram. blogspot. com

Global: Environmental Wake Up call Was A MASSIVE Success ! – Watch Video and Read Avaaz Message Below

Do you remember our global climate rally post of 17th September ?

: https://serbiananimalsvoice.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/global-climate-rallies-1500-in-many-countries-read-on-links-to-nations-towns-and-cities-for-events/

Well below is the result of global action – a short video of the events and a message from the Avaaz team.  Congratulations to everyone who took time to get involved with this vital campaign.

Next stop, 12th December – See below !


If things dont change, the shape of things to come ? ! ? !




Click here to see the video of this amazing movement in action: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/sept21_hub

Dear all,

Wow. Monday’s Wake Up call was unbelievable2632 events in 134 countries, tens of thousands of phone calls crashing government lines, unbelievable creativity and diversity of events, directly reaching heads of state and cabinet ministers from Australia to Europe. Words can’t describe it, this video gets close:

Click here to watch the video.

The Wake Up call was covered by hundreds of major news outlets and made the evening news everywhere from Germany to New Zealand. Europe’s environment chief praised “the mobilisation of so many people by Avaaz.org”, the UK Prime Minister became the first major world leader to agree to our demand to go to Copenhagen and said that with “the pressure that can brought by organizations like yours…what people think is impossible can become possible”.

The Spanish environment minister called the action “extraordinary”.

World leaders have heard us. But as Tuesday’s UN summit showed, one day of action won’t be enough to get real progress on climate. We need to come back again and again, louder and louder, until we get a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty.

We’ll keep the pressure high through the TCKTCKTCK campaign until Copenhagen, with another global day of action on October 24th, and start planning right now for the LARGEST CLIMATE MOBILIZATION IN HISTORY ON DECEMBER 12th, in the final days of the Copenhagen negotiations.

Avaaz is now 3.6 million members strong in 14 languages, in every country of the world. On Monday, our movement took a huge step forward — we showed that we can not only send millions of messages to leaders or donate millions to worthy causes, but that in just a few days we can flood the streets and crash phone lines from Mexico City to Mumbai.

If we stick together, anything is possible.

With hope and excitement for the future,

Ricken, Ben, Paul, Milena, Alice, Luis, Brett, Taren, Margaret, Iain, Pascal, Graziela, Paula, Benjamin, Rajeev, Veronique, Raluca, Julius, Yuri, Saravanan, Vladimir, Tihomir, Sam, Emma and the whole Avaaz team

PS – the video above was made from over 10,000 wake up call pictures and 600 videos uploaded to Avaaz in just 24 hours! There were many tears among people making the video as we saw the amazing dedication of everyone, from the Avaaz community to our TCKTCKTCK campaign partners to people joining the first climate action of their lives.

Click here to see the video of this amazing movement in action: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/sept21_hub


Check out some great global warming pictures – what could be !! – at: