3 From India: ‘Zoey’ Needs a Home; Dog Lost in Sanjay Gandhi and alfa-11 Pet Fair – First Time Ever







From: KULSUM JAMAL <jkulsum@hotmail.com>

Thank you so much for offering to help.

My address is MA 1/5 Flat no 2C, 2nd Floor, Garden Estate. Gurgaon

My phone no is 9810417239.

A few details about the Cat, we call him Zoey even though he is a male, because we discovered his manhood only after he was more than 9 months old. He is a pure Siberian breed. Born in Bombay. He turned 6 years old on 2nd Sept. As you can see from the photos he is gorgeous.

Zoey looks bigger than normal cats because he is so hairy, but he is actully only taller than normal cats, with big eyes.
He is very peaceful and loves to play, which consists of chasing around or he has a stuffed frog that he like to fetch…..
Does not like being handled very much, not even petted. He likes to be around us but not touching us.


He does not jump up and climb up very high, likes to stay mostly on the ground level.
Zoey is completely domesticated and does not go outdoors at all. Which is why he has NO tics or fleas etc. Infact he is terrified of going out. Whenever we have tried to take him out he gets very anxious.

Cats normally don’t bathe and groom themself but since Zoey is very hairy I bathe him 2-3 times in a year, weather permitting.


He eats packaged food only, I buy a bag of 2 kg for a month that costs around Rs 800.

Plus he uses up 10 kg of cat litter mud for his potty. He piddles or poops only in his litter box. If he piddles elsewhere that means that he is stressed and unhappy.

He likes to look out from balconies and windows. and gets very excited if he sees birds close by.

Hope you can find a home for him where he is loved and appreciated because we love him very much and are extremely heart broken about giving him away. Our only consellation will be knowing that he is happy.Regards


Kulsum Jamal




From: twinkle gogia <twinklegogia@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 9:40 PM
 To: rishidev.cfar@gmail.com

Hi Rishi,

I have lost my 2 year old dog from sanjay gandhi...i had sent him for treatment there and unfortunately he ran away from that place..he is black in color…with few brownish spots on his body…very good built and height..he is wearing a brownish collor and has got lost near west delhi…he responds to no name but a whistle…very friendly dog...can u please circulate???


Sorry, No Photo – SAV.



From: mink raj <minkrajgrg@yahoo.co.in>
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 1:32 PM

Subject: pet fair alfa-11


Pls . find attachment.

First time ever in India


Rajesh Bhatt