Uk: SOS for Serbian Animals – Winter Newsletter and Ebay Shop Link





We have pleasure in providing you with access to the Winter newsletter as produced the wonderful Jean Bird at SOS for Serbian Animals, England, Uk.

SOS for Serbian Animals –

Just click on this link to read the newsletter:    Winter newsletter 09

Please also visit Jeans ‘Tail Wags Shop at ebay and support Serbian animals with a purchase.

SAV Presentation to Mr. Alain Hutchinson MEP – April 2009 – The Present Situation in Serbia

Accessing the link ‘To Hutchinson’ below you will find a presentation made to Mr. Alain Hutchinson by SAV, during April 2009.

To Hutchinson

We trust that it will be of use to certain parties. 

All photographs are of the situation within Serbia during the last few years.

Photographs supplied where applicable by Serbian welfare campaigners / friends.

Regards SAV.






dog 3

dog 4

dog 5