Turkey / Netherlands: Stichting ActieZwerfhonden – the (Turkish) Stray Dogs Campaign Website

Please view the recent post regrding dogs which have been dumped and left in Turkish wilderness regions: 


On this issue, here is a message from Linda who is involved with Stichting ActieZwerfhonden – the (Turkish) Stray Dogs Campaign Website based in the Netherlands. 

They are doing some fantastic work for strays in Turkey – please support them if you are able. 

From Linda: 

Dear all,  

If these 700 dogs were the only ones i would have been glad. 

Thousands of dogs are dumped in the woods and hundreds of thousands nearly a million are wandering in the streets 

Met vriendelijke groeten, 

Linda Taal 

Stichting ActieZwerfhonden 

1 euro sponsors gezocht voor “alle brokjes helpen” 

Te koop: unieke ActieZwerfhonden T-shirts 

Wording Below Taken From the Stray Dogs campaign Website

For several years StrayDogsCampaign has been working hard to draw attention to the stray and shelter dogs in Turkey. Thanks to your support and the help of a small but enthusiastic team of volunteers, the foundation has been able to make positive changes for the dogs, but there are still major problems. 

On this website you can read more about the stray dogs issue, the situation in the Turkish shetlers and about the projects that the foundation supports. 

You can navigate through the menu or find your way by clicking on the bold printed links.   

With the detailed website, StrayDogsCampaign tries to draw attention to the situation of the dogs in Turkey and at the same time aims to achieve a change in mentality, which is a necessary part in the solution of the issue on stray dogs, through the one and only right way: Neuter and Release

You can find more information about the definition of this method and why StrayDogsCampaign works this way on the website as well. 

StrayDogsCampaign tries to help the dogs in their own habitat, and does not mediate in re-homing of foreign dogs in the Netherlands. You can decide to support a little friend by adopting a dog on a distance through StrayDogsCampaign. With this adoption procedure you will help the dogs in the shelter. You can also subscribe as a friend of the Sutculer, or to the campaign Every little chunk helps, or simply become a friend of the StrayDogsCampaign.

So you can decide for yourself which one of our projects you want to support.
You can also support us by ordering one of our articles, the revenues of which will go towards helping the dogs. 

If you have any other ideas to help us, please let us know; every kind of support is most welcome! http://www.actiezwerfhonden.nl/duits/homepage/ 

Help us help the dogs!! 

On behalf of the The StrayDogsCampaign Foundation and the dogs:
thank you very much!!! 


Web site can be read in Dutch, German, English and Turkish;  

please select your language using the national flags shown bottom left of the home page.  

Alternatively use the links below for direct access: 

German:   http://www.actiezwerfhonden.nl/duits/homepage/

English:  http://www.actiezwerfhonden.nl/engels/Homepage/ 

Dutch:  http://www.actiezwerfhonden.nl/homepage/ 

Turkish:  http://www.actiezwerfhonden.nl/turksesite/Homepage/index.html

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