Serbia: Loznica; A Lawless City Where the Government Canot Control the Animal Mafia ? – You Decide.

Loznica is a city which is out of control – a city run by the animal mafia. 

Loznica is a Serbian city which appears to be run as a lawless town, where legislation is abused, unknown and simply downright ignored.

Do you remember our recent post relating to Mrs Rada Zivanovic and the excellent private shelter which she was running from her home:

It now appears that the communal inspection of Loznica city have informed Rada that all the dogs and cats at her home must be removed, otherwise the communal inspection together with the police will enter, take the animals and kill them.

Serbian campaigners will now be bringing a criminal charge regarding this situation. You can see from the pictures on our previous post that the conditions for animals at Rada’s shelter is excellent.

We simply feel that the lawless animal mafia which appears to control Loznica city is doing everything possible to kill and destroy animal life. As can be seen in the following post the Serbian constitutional court has accepted charges against self invented legislation for the killing of animals by the Loznica city authorities. We have to question the ability and willingness of the Serbian government in relation to all of this. Maybe they support it animal killings which Loznica city is again attempting; if the Serbian government does not support animal killings but instead wishes to add here to Serbian legislation relating to stray animal welfare, then we are sent to come forward and make a formal written declaration to us at SAV informing that action is being taken against senior personnel at Loznica city.

We will keep everyone, including the European Union, informed of events and any progress should it arise and the Serbian authorities decide to contact us.

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