USA: Foreverescue Sanctuary Requires Help – Can You Donate A Few Dollars or More to Help ?





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I only have ONE week of feed left for ALL the critters!

I am beyond begging here. I do NOT need rescue for my animals as they are safe here…I NEED help with feeding them. I am a Not-for-Profit business and sanctuary for farm animals that relies on donations to survive…I realize that the economy is tough, and most of everyone’s concern is with pulling all the urgent animals that are in kill situations…BUT if we pull/save these animals and NOBODY helps us to keep them fed, vetted, and housed…then what was the point of saving them to begin with? ALL but 3 of these animals here at Foreverescue have been animals in danger of being PTS, and or slaughtered for food.

I may be a small sanctuary at this time…but I specialize in special needs animals. That means larger vet bills, larger supply bills, etc. I have a horse that loves to crib (it is a nervous habit not a suppliment thing), and then colics because he gets his tummy full of air. I have a 2 year old mare with a club back foot…she wont make a great riding horse…she will be mostly a pasture pet.

I have also taken in people in need…one of whom lost his home to the foreclosure crisis…he is a carpenter and cant find steady work, and if he gets lucky he gets a side job once a month…needless to say, I am feeding him (and his 2 dogs) as well.

The other person I took in had to move in because he had double hernia surgery, and was off work just long enough to lose his apartment. Just as he was getting on his feet again…he was diagnosed with having an A.V. M. leaking into his brain…he had to have brain surgery in November 09, and has been off on medical leave ever since. They wont clear him to go back to work until they do another crainial angiogram sometime this month. Plus he is learing to drive all over again after losing his left field of vision in both eyes.

I realize that some of this may not seem important to you…but I have a heart and cannot toss out 2 people that have NO family and no place else to go. Please understand I have known these individuals for over 20 years…and somehow our life paths crossed again at a time when they needed me to be there.

The one roomie that lost his house, also had 2 dogs I couldn’t bear to see him take to the pound. 2 black dogs with food and toy aggression issues…I ALWAYS GET THE MALE DOGS WITH ATTITUDE ISSUES! We are constantly teaching them how to get along…it gets better everyday, but there are the occasional setbacks.

With all that said, I must add that I am in NO way blaming anyone that reads this…just putting it all out there so you can at least uinderstand my frustration. Maybe realize that if you give your latte or dunkn donuts or whatever it is you treat yourself to for just ONE day and donate that amount towards the animals here at Foreverescue, you will be hel[ing to keep another rescue from going broke by having to take in yet more animals…PLUS you would be keeping these critters with issued from being PTS or being separated after bonding…and I can tell you right now that Crazyhorse would NOT survive being shuffled around…neither would the dogs here. They have attitudes that WE tolerate as long as there is NO bloodshed and senior cats that have litter box issues as well.


Needing URGENT help feeding Horses and other Farm Animals

I am in dire need of funding to help feed the horses, sheep, llama, dogs and cats here at Foreverescue.
Foreverescue is a Sanctuary that takes in and keeps special needs animals and gives them a place to live out their lives with love and kindness shown to them instead of being traded/sold off for feed/put on a dinner plate, etc.

We are currently housing:
3 horses – 2 with special needs
3 sheep – 2 needing to get altered
1 llama
6 dogs
6 cats
3 budgies
1 blind cockatiel
1 rabbit

If you can help in ANY way…it would be greatly appreciated…even if it is only $1.00 as it all adds up.

For anyone wishing to donate feed…you can call my feedstore “Feed N Time Feeds” at the following number and purchase a gift certificate to go towards the purchase of feed.
Here is a list of the feeds I use and the total cost of each bag NOT including tax:

County Acres All Stock feed $7.79@ bag (We use about 6 50# bags every 2 weeks)

Beet Pulp Without Molasses $10.49@ bag (We use about 6 40# bags every 2 weeks)

Purina Mills Strategy Horse Feed $12.29@ bag (We use about 5 50# bags every 2 weeks)

Purina Mills Gravy Crunches $20.19@ bag (We use about 2-3 40# bags every 2 weeks)

PC Cat Litter $9.99 @40# bag (We use about one a week)

PMI Feline Medley $19.99@ bag (We use about 1 bag a every 2 weeks)

To purchase a gift certificate simply call Debbie (owner/manager) of Feed N Time Feeds and tell her how much you want to purchase, as far as a dollar amount, and she will add it to my account. NO CASH WILL CHANGE HANDS! (NOTE: she will only issue a gift certificate/store if you wish to purchase a bag or two for the animals..she will just give me store credit for that amount)

1259 E. 3300N RD
Chebanse, IL
Hours of Business: Mon, Tues, Fri.- 9am -4pm
Saturday-9am -12pm (noon)

Thank you ahead of time for any and all help you may give us here.
I realize times are tough, but we need to stick together to keep the ones that are safe from possibly having to go into a harmful/stressful situation.
Foreverescue is a NFP in good standing with the IL Sec of State. Please feel free to check out for yourself. Thanks to ALL!