Serbia (14/03/10): More Photographs of the Dog Killings at NIS City. Protest Now – Sample Letter Provided.


Further to our post of 12/03/10 we now have additional photographs of the dogs which were hung in the City of Nis, Serbia.  We understand that the dogs may have been drowned prior to being hung in the trees.

Link to post of 12/03:

We now have a sample letter (provided below) which we would ask you to copy and sen to the Mayor of Nis city.  Copies of this letter can also be mailed to others in the Serbian government / ministries.  Their contact details are given in the (CC to) block listing below.

We are currently working on very early plans aimed at a major, and EU approved, official drive which would give EU strays and Balkans strays more protection should any Balkans states become members of the EU.  Your help and input in contacting the EU consulting organisation working on behalf of animal welfare issues will be required in the coming months.  As said, it is very early days now, but we are working at this moment on a strategy aimed at EU animal welfare changes over the next decade; and this will mean that EU strays are paramount on the list as far as many EU animal welfare organisations are concerned; and that includes us.

We may also have other very interesting news relating to the policies of some of the major animal welfare organisations within europe when it comes to stray animals.

For the immediate, if you wish to send a letter of protest to the Mayor of Nis and other Serbian officials, then please copy the sample letter below and send to the addresses given.

Disgusted by these photographs ? – then please copy and send the sample letter to all the addresses given below.

Thanks – SAV.


Please send the sample letter given below to the following addresses:


CC to:,,,,,;;;,,    


Mayor Simonovic,

I am gravely disturbed to learn of the deliberate torture of dogs in Nis, as
perpetrated in the presence of children. These dogs were deliberately hung
on tree branches and killed in a blatantly cruel manner. This is not an
isolated incidence and factually represents an indefensible, ongoing
campaign conducted by communities to address the growing population of
homeless animals. Indeed, given the transparent nature of these killings and
the seeming lack of official intervention and termination, it is alleged
that municipal approval has been extended to sanction this. As such, I am
demanding immediate intervention to protect these animals and criminalize
the people responsible for such cruelty.

Allow me this moment to elaborate. Animals are sentient creatures who, as
humans, experience joy, loneliness, fear, and pain. As humans, we
unethically elevate ourselves to a status of superiority over all other
beings, thereby rationalizing the brutality to which we subject them. We
embrace this position as an elite class of six billion individuals, adopting
euphemistic descriptions and apathetic banalities to justify this inequity.
Speciesism, the discrimination of other beings, is a dangerous precept on
which to stand, as immoral as sexism and racism; when human animals allow
the exploitation and killing of 60 billion non-human animals globally and
annually, we have become a group willingly complicit in such brutality,
apathetic and selfish, disguising such maliciousness as excusable necessity,
which is not only grossly unjust and immoral, but it is also exceedingly

Ours is not a challenge to be regarded as humans against humans but rather
as a welcomed obligation, indeed privilege, to maintain an international
attitude of compassion and justice to our non-human animal friends. We do
not gain power or control by degrading animals but rather we desensitize
ourselves to all cruelty and victims become mere numbers, statistics, or
unethical financial means. Objectifying animals by condoning their abusers’
violent acts or rejecting animals as undeserving of empathy and respect only
erodes our capacity for humaneness towards all living creatures.

It is impossible to contemplate supporting any country, via tourism or
commerce, that excuses such blatant animal cruelty
; as a direct consequence,
the global community, refusing to defend this maliciousness, will condemn
any further exploitation through personal boycotts
. Ours is not an ambiguous
request; you should understand that further killing will prove not only
socially unacceptable but also financially irresponsible. As such, please
provide immediate relief for these innocent animals and instead be a
representation of animal compassion and strive to foster an ideal whereby
animals are respected and empathized by your citizens.

Allocate resources to construct shelters; implement sterilization and vaccination programs to
prevent homeless populations and colony disease outbreaks; accept local and
international advice and assistance; implement laws addressing current legal
vulnerabilities; and enforce existing laws establishing animal cruelty as

I hope this letter finds you willing to scrutinize both your own involvement
in the intentional exploitation of animals and your desire to therefore
protect, rather than harm, them.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.