Romania: Your assistance is needed to submit email letters to the Prefect of Dolj







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‘We don’t have money to invest in solving the problem.’

–Eugen Georgescu

Your assistance is needed to submit email letters to the Prefect of Dolj, Romania.

 The prefect is offering to propose or amend some articles of the Animal Protection Act. Unfortunately the only options being offered to “solve” the problem of stray dogs are adoption and euthanasia. In Romania, “euthanasia” is not reserved solely for the humane vet-administered means of ending a dog’s life; leaving poisoned food in the streets, clubbing dogs in a burlap bag, and shooting them are all considered “euthanasia”.


‘There are only two alternatives: Either [people] adopt them, or, if [the strays] become a social danger, should be eliminated. What is the problem?’

–Eugen Georgescu

Irresponsible actions must be stopped. It is not true that there is no funding. Authorities can reallocate money spent on euthanasia campaigns to more humane and responsible campaigns, like spay/neuter. We have included two sample letters that you can use to email the Prefect of Dolj County. Please copy one of these letters (or write your own original statement) and paste it into an email addressed to either  


Thank you very much for taking action now.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

We, citizens of the world, many of whom are your co-nationals, kindly ask you to give a moment of reflection to our letter and our suggestions.

It has come to the attention of the entire international community (the whole world) the atrocities committed in your country against animals and because you are a Kennel Club we should underscore: against DOGS. It is of the utmost importance to remember that all dogs have a common ancestor.

Discrimination against non-pure breed dogs is as outrageous as discrimination against people. For the restoration of the image of your country and your people (excluding those extraordinary people who dedicated their lives to save and protect animals) which has been tarnished by the barbaric acts of cruelty please consider the following.

1. Please join all rescue groups in your country, all animal welfare associations, all good people to lobby your government to introduce better laws for the protection of animals and to IMPLEMENT it.

2. Please suggest to all your affiliates (national groups, local, regional associations) including individual members to adopt a stray dog (in their hometown). Where one pure breed dog can find love, food and shelter, there should be enough Love, Food and Shelter for just one more Dog. (Remember how we used to feed our pets during the communist regime: leftovers from our meals and we all were happy?)

3. Please consider donating a percentage of the revenue from Dog Shows to Romanian Animal Welfare Associations.

4. Please edit and publish a pamphlet and distribute it to the public attending dog shows in Romania, advising people to adopt a dog, (regular dog) to spay/neuter.

5. Please advise your international guests to also adopt a dog after a dog show. This could be the most rewarding “souvenir” from Romania–a dog who will love you unconditionally.

6. Please, as an internationally recognized association, start a petition to stop your government from killing stray dogs and to (again) introduce and implement better laws for the protection of animals and implicitly harsher punishments for the violators of this law.

When the image of your country and people have been tarnished so badly world wide, it will look like some kind of quiet complicity, which we hope is not the case.

Be a pioneer in this noble world- wide struggle to improve the life of animals in your country, and your example will be followed by other countries and you will have the entire world on your side.

We thank you very much for the time you accorded to our letter. We hope that you will join us, be a voice for the voiceless, as we are a voice for the voiceless who have the same rights as all human beings: To live in peace on our planet.

Sincerely yours,

[Your Name]
[Your Country]
[Your Email]



To Whom It Concern,

It has come to my attention that your community officials have proposed a decidedly cruel and exploitative manner to reduce “homeless” animal numbers. In efforts to curtail a stray population, you are challenging any security extended to animals as stipulated in the Animal Protection Act, and are instead recommending an immediate and public slaughter to address this issue. I am asking that you cease such a barbaric plan.

Please allow me to elaborate. While all countries engage in animal production, distinguishing animals as commodities rather than sentient beings, progressive governments are promoting greater visibility to preclude allegations of misconduct and brutality. Unfortunately, you are asking that the global audience apathetically regard this proposed killing as a necessary and logical solution. Addressing animals as targets of abuse is inherently inhumane and barbaric, given that it substantiates the precept of animals as products, speciesism, rather than fundamentally equal and deserving of compassion, free from exploitation and suffering. To aspire to such a principled and equitable foundation should be the goal of all societies, and you should thus refuse participation in any event that incurs such cruelty on animals, and in this situation particularly cats and dogs who hold such international recognition, respect, and compassion.

Rather than choose complicity in the savage treatment of animals, your communities can avoid any potential global boycotts of tourism within Romania as well as Romanian exports, by observing compassion instead. This can be achieved by establishing and practicing humane animal welfare standards, including the immediate cessation of random and vicious poisonings, law enforcement freedom to investigate perpetrators of crimes against animals, strict penalties for those guilty of harming animals, and shelters for spaying, neutering, and medical purposes. Furthermore, I ask that you be willing to accept volunteer and international assistance, and to cultivate an ideal societal philosophy with regard to animals: One that acknowledges animals as sentient beings, like humans, and worthy of empathy, compassion, and respect.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.

[Your Name]
[Your Country]
[Your Email]






Australia: Now They Are ‘Being Crippled’ By Live Exports and Losing Jobs, the Aus Meat Workers Suddenly See the Light About Live Animal Exports and Speak Against It, as Never Before.

Meatworkers joins forces with animal welfare activists

March 10, 2010 – 12:54PM

THE AUSTRALIAN meatworkers union has formed an unlikely alliance with animal welfare activists opposing the live export trade.

The Australian Meat Industry Employees Union said live exports were crippling the meat processing industry and costing jobs in regional Australia at a joint press conference with the World Society for the Protection of Animals at NSW Parliament House this morning.

Union president Grant Courtney said abattoirs around Australia were forced to close or cut their workforce due to competition for livestock from the federally subsidised live export trade.

The industry had already lost 40,000 jobs and 150 meat-processing plants in the past three decades, Mr Courtney said.

“I can’t understand why the Government is sticking its head in the sand when thousands of Australian jobs are being lost due to this trade,” he said.

WSPA’s program manager Emily Reeves said the Federal Government should halt the live export trade for both economic and animal welfare reasons.

Despite recent federal government attempts to improve animal welfare in export countries, she said a recent investigation in the Middle East had gathered video footage showing that cruelty and mishandling of Australian animals continued.

“We’ve got the economic data to show live export is bad business, we’ve got a rural industry crippled through poorly thought-out Government policy and we’ve got yet more proof that Australian animals are being handled and slaughtered in a way that would horrify Australians,” Ms Reeves said.


SAV comment – Sad when people who have never spoken out against Australian live animal exports now have to do so because just one thing is being affected – the size of their wage packet !

To hell with animal welfare, money is always the only thing that matters to them !!

Maybe Kevin Rudd will now have to swallow his pride and do what he always promised he would do before he was elected – and that is to ‘not abide animal cruelty’:

Compassion for animals ? – No.

Big concerns only for the national balance of trade ? – you bet.


A Book worth viewing – An excellent insight into live animal exports ! – SAV.

Describes the desperate and cruel economic phenomenon of “live transport” (sheep being transported across oceans to be slaughtered), orchestrated by Sue Coe’s powerful images. Coe’s illustrations don’t shy away from the brutality of her story, with images of sheep shearing, ‘beast pillars and war mongering; sheep truck tip over on the highway, sheep and cattle are herded into tiny containers, ships burn and sink. Coe also gives accurate depictions of kosher/Muslim slaughter techniques, providing brutal insight into this little-known industry.

Serbia: Has A National Rabies Outbreak Been ‘Invented’ As the Only Government Approved ‘Legal’ Way to Now Kill Stray Animals ? – It Appears That the OIE (World Animal Health) Have NOT Been Informed of These Outbreaks by Serbia; so are they REAL ?

There is some very disturbing news now arriving from within Serbia.

Please refer to our recent post regarding the alleged cases of Rabies which are happening all over the country:

It is declared by campaigners that all the locations and cases given in the above post are simply an attempt by the government and authorities to undertake a mass killing spree of unwanted stray dogs and cats. 

Because the Serbian Constitutional Court declared that from 02/10/2005, the new Veterinary Law Article 168 effectively destroyed everything that was written in old, previous legislation, Pravilnik 29/94; with the 2005 law demanding the care of animals.

Pravilnik 29/94 was overwritten by Article 168, the result being that all killing of animals was forbidden apart only from cases for Rabies infected areas, which were covered by application of Articles 64 and 65 of the Veterinary Law.  Our recent post gives more information on the court declaration:

So the situation is now, has the government ‘invented’ mass Rabies outbreaks throughout Serbia in order that a mass killing can be undertaken ?

The most important point with all of this is that the World Organisation for Animal Health, the ‘OIE’; who publish new data every week on animal disease outbreaks across the world, do NOT appear to have been informed by the Serbian government of any of these alleged Rabies outbreaks in Serbia.

The weekly global disease outbreak report / notification published by the OIE, and which can be viewed at: 

DOES NOT SHOW that there have been any official notifications by the Serbian authorities to the OIE to ‘provide actual evidence’ that there are in fact Rabies outbreaks in these regions of Serbia.

If the OIE have not been informed of Rabies outbreaks, and the Serbian Constitutional Court has declared that from 02/10/2005 there must be care of animals, which includes all stray animals, it has to be asked if this process is something which has simply been invented by the Serbian autorities as a way of killing off the now protected stray animals of Serbia ? – ie. is this corruption ?

If Rabies is valid across Serbia, then why has the OIE not put the imnformation onto its weekly database ? – most probably because the OIE has not been informed by Serbia, possibly because in reality, the Rabies outbreaks DO NOT ACTUALLY EXIST !!

Our previous post shows all the areas of Serbia which are allegedly having Rabies problems: 

And yet the OIE do NOT appear to be aware of these outbreaks.

An ‘official’ Rabies outbreak is now the only way that Serbian authorities could undertake the killing of stray animals.  Pravilnik 29/94 was overwritten by Article 168, the result being that all killing of animals was forbidden apart only from cases for Rabies infected areas, which were covered by application of Articles 64 and 65 of the Veterinary Law.

So we ask again, has the Serbian government invented these rabies outbreaks so that they:

  • Can undertake a mass kill of stray animals, and appear to look as if they are complying with the legislation – Articles 64 and 65 of the Veterinary Law ?
  • Make a futile attempt to reduce stray animal numbers by yet more killing rather than undertake a managed and humane programme of stray animal control as we have always provided evidence for during the last five years.

In the Serbian city of Zajecar, a vet named Vladimir Videnovic will be paid by the autorities to undertake the mass killing of dogs and cats.

Vet Vladimir Videnovic is also a member of the city authority; the very same authority which decides on what actions are to be taken; such as the killing of animals in ‘Rabies outbreaks’ within the region !!

Is this simply a coincidence or part of something much more involved – devised by the government ?

Zajecar city will be starting their mass killings of animals within the next 24 hours.  Veterinarian Videnovic will be one of the main players in this process of animal killing.  He is also a hunter, and the local hunters have been called in to help with this mass animal slaughter.

It appears that no foxes have been provided to date showing that they have the rabies infection.  There are allegations that a ‘stock’ of Rabies virus is kept refrigerated so that positive results can be found when the hunters provide dead fox carcases to the veterinarians ? ! ? !

Is this simply a coincidence or part of something much more involved ?

Information on this very disturbing case of the alleged Serbian Rabies outbreaks has been provided to the OIE.  Information is also being provided to EU MEPs associated with the Animal Welfare Intergroup, who will be asked to further investigate.

If the Serbian government and authorities have nothing to hide, then we call on them to meet up with campaigners and provided them with all their evidence of Rabies outbreaks.  We would ask for witness support by the EU Intergroup, or MEPs as necessary.

To become an EU member, implementation of the ‘rule of law’ is a requirement.  We have to ask if the law is being enforced here, or invented by those in authority to actually AVOID implementing Serbian national legislation ?

The case continues.


UPDATE 10/03/10:

“vode ih na Popovoj plazi tamo ima kontejneri koji nisu po zakonu opremljeni ubijace ih  sinteri  po nalogu videnovica veterinara

Shinetrs of Zajecar  carry  all dogs to place named Popova plaza , there are big containers, there  dogcatcher  will kill them  and  vet  Videnovic  (mentioned above) will be present .


And, just for the record, and especially for Serbian politicians, …….

The use of indiscriminate dog culling as a method of rabies control has long been discredited.

According to the World Health Organisation, Killing of dogs has not been shown to make any difference in the epidemiology of rabies (Rabies elimination in South-East Asia, WHO project ICP BCT 001, 2005),

There is evidence that mass culling of dogs within a defined area can result in the explosion in populations of rats and other rodents, and a consequent increased risk of diseases such as leptospirosis (“Weil’s disease”), murine typhus (Rickettsia species), and plague (Yersinia pestis)”. 

“An estimated 75% of the world’s dog population are strays.  Managing them presents a problem in many countries, and has serious implications for public health and animal welfare.

Lack of animal welfare education and resources mean the methods used to limit stray populations are often horrifically inhumane – poisoning, shooting and electrocution are all common

But killing street dogs randomly is not effective, because it does not address the cause of the problem.

Without resources for treatment and education about responsible pet ownership, the roaming dog population will keep growing”.