Walking On Sunshine – Dogs on the Beach

Thanks to Diana;


Clustrmap Update – 10th March 2010.

Dear all;

you may have seen that our ‘site visitors’ map (global map on the left) and associated national index has changed in the last 24 hours.  Now it appears very sparse with red colouring.

This is a normal procedure as the system archives all the visitor data on an annual basis, and 10th March is ‘our archive’ day.

The great news is that we have had over 25,00 vistis to the site since 2008, and this last year (12 month period) alone saw in excess of 15,300 visits.

We will continue to update news and put out campaign data as often as possible.  SAV is an entirely volunteer run site and has to fit around other animal investigation work and also some specific things which are undertaken on behalf of other (Uk based) animal welfare organisations.

We welcome your comments, so please keep them coming !

With hopes that you will stick with us and be a real voice for the animals.

Looking forward to even bigger visitor numbers in the coming twelve months. Lets paint the map red with visitor ‘dots’  !!

Regards Mark – SAV; London Uk.